Trail CHOP

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The Trail CHOP displays a history of its input channels back in time. A window of time is displayed from the current frame back in time, the size of this window is set by the Window Length parameter. The last sample in the Trail CHOP is a sample of the input at the current frame.

PythonIcon.png trailCHOP_Class

Parameters - Trail Page

Window Length /wlength - The amount of history recorded is set by Window Length. The Units menu on the right determine which units to use in the parameter (Samples, Frames, Seconds). A setting of 4 seconds will show the value of the input channel for the previous 4 seconds.

Capture /capture - determines when to capture values.

  • Time Slice /timeslice - captures a sliding window of the input every cook. Useful for capturing a continuous log.
  • Only When Input Cooks /inputcooks - captures the input only whenever the input cooks. Useful for capturing discrete events separated by long pauses.

Resample /samples - Resample the output to this specified length.

Sample Rate /rate - Resample using this sample rate instead of the global frame rate ($FPS).