Touch Out DAT

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The Touch Out DAT sends full DAT tables across the network to the Touch In DAT in another TouchDesigner process, as opposed to messages with the other network based DATs. It is an extremely powerful mechanism to sync data between TouchDesigner processes.

See also UDP Out DAT.

Parameters - Touch Out Page

Protocol protocol - Select which protocol to use, refer to the Network Protocols article for more information.

Network Address address - For multi-cast protocol, this is the multi-cast address to listen for. For UDT protocol this is the IP address of the server.

Port port - The port the packets will be sent over.

Shared Connection shared - Use the same connection as other networking DATs using the same network protocol.

Active active - While on, the DAT sends data to the network port. While Off, no updating occurs.

Redundant Sends redundantsends - .

Resend Data resend - .