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The Touch Out CHOP can be used to create high speed connection between two TouchDesigner processes. Data is sent over TCP/IP. The Touch Out CHOP (server) sends it's data to a Touch In CHOP (client). The Touch Out CHOP is similar to a Pipe Out CHOP but highly optimized for TouchDesigner-to-TouchDesigner communication. For interfacing with other software or devices, see the Pipe Out CHOP.

To receive network data from another "server" computer (e.g. from a TouchDesigner Touch Out CHOP running remotely), a connection must be established between the server and the Touch In CHOP before data is sent. You must supply the Server Address and Port from which to receive incoming data to a channel. The server should be listening for connections on the port that this CHOP is using. Multiple Touch In CHOPs (clients) can receive data from a single Touch Out CHOP (server).

NOTE for Windows OS - If experiencing connection issues make sure Windows Firewall is disabled.

PythonIcon.png touchoutCHOP_Class

Parameters - TouchOut Page

Protocol /protocol - Selects which network protocol to use to transfer data. Different protocol's have methods of connecting and using the address parameter. For more information refer to the Network Protocols article.

Address /address - To address to use, not all protocls require an address to be specified on the sending side.

Network Port /port - The network port to use.

Active /active - When Off, data is not sent.

Max Queue Size /maxqueue - limits the number of events waiting to be sent. This prevents overflows if the connection is too slow.

Cook Every Frame - Specifies that this CHOP should be cooked every frame regardless of CHOPs below it are cooking.

Resend Names /resendname - Resends all the channel names. Generally you don't need to use this parameter, but it is provided just in-case.

Use Synced Ports /syncports - this parameter lets you send the the data in a single global pipe if required. This can be important if various data streams must be sent in frame sync.

  • Off - uses separate ports for each port number assigned.
  • On (TCP/IP) - uses a single global pipe for all Touch Out CHOPs using this Transfer Port Type. The global pipe uses port 10500 internally to send all the global port type data together at once. The Network Port parameter is still used to determine which Touch In CHOP gets the data on the receiving side.

Standard Options and Local Variables