Shift CHOP

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The Shift CHOP time-shifts a CHOP, changing the start and end of the CHOP's interval. However, the contents of the channels remain the same.

Each channel can be shifted a different amount by using the $C variable in the Scroll parameter or the Start/End parameters.

An optional second input, the Start/End Reference, is used to align the first input CHOP relative to another reference CHOP. This outputs the channels of the first CHOP only, and the shifts are based on the interval of the second CHOP. It is useful for making several CHOPs match up to the same time.

PythonIcon.png shiftCHOP_Class


Reference - The start or the end of the channels can be used as the reference position. The channels are shifted by altering the reference position.

  • Start Position - Uses the start of the CHOP to do the aligning.
  • End Position - Uses the end of the CHOP to do the aligning.

Unit Values - Determines how the Start and End parameters are to be interpreted:

  • Absolute - The Start/End parameters are the actual start/end position. It is used, for example, to shift the CHOP to start at 0 seconds.
  • Relative to Start/End - The Start/End parameters are a shift relative to the input CHOP's start/end position.
  • Use Current Frame - Ignore the Start/End parameters and use the current frame as the new start position.

Start / End - The start / end of the interval, absolute or relative to the input CHOP.

Scroll Offset - Without changing the length of the CHOP, you can scroll the channels within its range, and scroll each channel a different amount. By using $C in the parameter, you can make the scroll amount dependent on the channel index.

Standard Options and Local Variables

Local Variables
$C, $NC
$S - The start of the interval, in samples.
$E - The end of the interval, in samples.
$L - The length of the interval, in samples.