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The SOP to DAT allows you to extract point, vertex and primitive (e.g. polygon) data and attributes from a SOP.

Data is output in columns, with the first column being index. The index refers to the Point or Primitive number. Attributes are output with column name attrib if it is a single value attribute, or with multiple columns named attrib(0), attrib(1), attrib(2) etc. if it is a multiple value attribute.

See: Polygon.

Example File : File:SOPtoDATtoSOP.tox

PythonIcon.png soptoDAT_Class


SOP sop - Specify the SOP to pull data from.

Extract extract - Specify whether to pull point data or primitive data.

  • Points - get point data.
  • Primitives - get primitive data.
  • Vertex - get vertex data.
  • Detail - get data for the entire geometry set.

Group group - Point or primitive group to extract. If none specify all data will be extracted.

Attributes attrib - Attributes to extract.

Point specific attributes can include P and Pw for position and weight.

Primitive specific attributes include vertices and close. Vertices list the point numbers in a primitive and close reports whether the primitive is a closed polygon. The index column is the point or primitive number and will always be output.

Copy Vertex UV to Points unforpts - Copies the vertex UVs to point UVs.

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