Parameter CHOP

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The Parameter CHOP gets parameter values, including custom parameters, from all OP types.

(This replaces the Fetch CHOP.)

Retrieve from parameters alternatively using a node.par.Customname expression of the Par Class, or the Parameter Execute DAT.

See the Select CHOP for retrieving channels from the output of other CHOPs.

PythonIcon.png parameterCHOP_Class

Parameters - Source Page

Operators - The operators determine where to obtain the channels. Specify or more operator names or paths. Examples: wave1, slider*, constant[1-9] constant[10-19:2], ../base1. Or select the operators using the menu.

Parameters - The list of parameters names (which can include wildcards) you want to get from the OP(s). One or more parameter, or * for all parameters. You can also specify a "NOT" selection with an ^. Or select the parameter using the menu. See Pattern Matching.

  • Name Format - Channels can be named suitably for multi-exporting. See CHOP_Export.
  • Rename From - See Pattern Matching.
  • Rename To - See Pattern Expansion.
  • Custom - Output the operators' custom parameters.
  • Built-In - Output the operators' built-in parameters.

Parameters - Common Page

See Export Method on the CHOP Common Page.