Panel CHOP

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The Panel CHOP reads Panel Values from Panel Components into CHOP channels. Panel values can also be accessed by using the panel() expression.

PythonIcon.png panelCHOP_Class

Parameters - Panel Page

Component - The path of the Component being referenced.

Select - Specify which panel values to create channels for. Use * to select all panel values. Add individual values using the drop down menu on the right.

Rename - Rename the panel value channels selected with the Select parameter here. For example, if "u v" are selected in the Select parameter, you can rename these channels to horizonal and vertical by entering "horizontal vertical".

Queue Overlapping Events - Queue all events that occur in a time slice. Some panel values, such as wheel or key, switches between a value and 0 in the same time slice and are considered instantaneous. When this parameter is off, only the last value in the time slice will be used, and changes could be missed. Turning this on will keep as many events as possible based on queue size. Each queued item will be released in the next time slice until the queue is empty, and value changes within the same time slice are synchronized.

Queue Size - Size of queue. If the number of events is larger than the queue size, earlier events will be discarded.

Parameters - Common Page