Monitors DAT

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The Monitors DAT is a table of data about all currently detected monitors with information on the resolution, screen positioning, monitor name and description, GPU, and a flag indicating whether it is a primary monitor or not.

You can also set it to display the overall bounds of all the detected monitors.

It runs a callback script when a change in the monitors has been detected. These changes can be that a monitor was plugged in, a monitor was unplugged, the resolution of a monitor has changed, or the primary monitor has changed.

The Monitor DAT returns top/bottom values in lower-left origin coordinates, (0,0) is the lower-left corner of the monitor.

PythonIcon.png monitorsDAT_Class


Callbacks DAT /callbacks - Runs this script once for each change to the table (ie. monitor state change). See monitorsDAT_Class for usage.

Bounds /bounds - While on, an additional "bounds" row will be added to the table. The dimensions correspond to a bounding box around all the detected monitors. In this row, "primary" refers to the index in the table of the primary monitor.

Monitors /monitors - Specify which monitors to report information about.

Units /units - Specify if the numbers are reported in Native Pixel units or DPI Scaled units.