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See first the MIDI In DAT. The MIDI In Map CHOP reads in specified channels from the MIDI Device Mapper which prepares slider channels starting from s1, s2, etc. and button channels starting with b1, b2 and so on. The MIDI In Map CHOP selects from these channels.

NOTE: (Apr 12 09) This page needs to be updated with the info in the release notes.

Another CHOP, the MIDI In CHOP retrieves MIDI data more directly but it is less portable as it addresses the MIDI channel numbers, note numbers and controller numbers in the CHOP, so in order to change the MIDI mapping, you need to change the settings in TouchDesigner, whereas with the MIDI In Map CHOP, users need only set the mapping in the Dialogs -> MIDI Device Mapper.

See also the MIDI In DAT, MIDI Event DAT, MIDI In CHOP, MIDI Out CHOP, midi command, MIDI Device Mapper Dialog.

PythonIcon.png midiinmapCHOP_Class

Parameters - MIDIInMap Page

Device Table /device - path to the MIDI device Table DAT

Device ID /id - specify the id of which device to use.

Sliders - The slider controllers to import from the MIDI Mapper. For example to import the first 16 sliders, slider 20 and sliders 32 to 40, type:

 s[1-16] s20 s[32-40]

Buttons - The buttons to import from the MIDI Mapper. For example to import the first 16 buttons, button 20 and buttons 32 to 40, type:

 b[1-16] b20 b[32-40]

Include Velocity in Buttons -

Queue Slider Events -

Standard Options and Local Variables