Limit CHOP

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The Limit CHOP can limit the values of the input channels to be between a minimum and maximum, and can quantize the input channels in time and/or value such that the value steps over time.

Limiting a channel causes all its values to lie within a range. Several different methods are for limiting are listed under the Type parameter description.

Quantizing a channel value snaps its values to the closest allowable value (the "quantized values"). Quantizing methods are: Floor, Ceiling, and Round.

Quantizing a channel index is like quantizing in time, and acts as a sample and hold mechanism. The channel is sampled at a quantized index, and held at that value until the next quantized index at which time the value takes on the input value at that point.

PythonIcon.png limitCHOP_Class

Parameters - Limit Page

Type type - The type of limit function to use:

  • Off - Do not limit the values.
  • Clamp - Simply cut the channel value off if it is out of the Maximum/Minimum range, and replace it with the Maximum or Minimum limit value.
  • Loop - Continue the channel at the other end of the interval.
  • Zigzag - Mirror the values back inside the interval.

Minimum min - The minimum value the output channel can have.

Maximum max - The maximum value the output channel can have.

Positive Only positive - Takes the absolute value of the channel, making all negative values positive.

Normalize norm - Scale and offset the channel so that it lies between -1 and +1. The Normalize function does not work with Time Slicing on.

Fix Underflows underflow - This will cause extremely tiny numbers to be rounded to 0.

Parameters - Quantize Page

Quantize Value quantvalue - Selects the quantization method to use:

  • Off - No Value quantization is done.
  • Floor - The Floor quantization function rounds a value to the closest quantized value below it.
  • Ceiling - The Ceiling function rounds a value to the closest quantized value above it.
  • Round - The Round function rounds a value to the nearest quantized value.

Value Step vstep - The increment between quantized values.

Value Offset voffset - The offset for quantized values, to allow steps to not lie at zero, the default.

Quantize Index quantindex - Selects whether to quantize the index relative to the sample 0, or the start index of the CHOP.

Index Step istep - The increment between quantized indices, in seconds, frames or samples.

Index Offset ioffset - The offset for quantized indices.

Standard Options and Local Variables

This CHOP may be time sliced, but it only needs to be time sliced if the "Quantize Index" function is on.

The Normalize function will not operate in time slice mode.