License Class

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The License class describes a single instance of an installed license. They can be accessed from the licenses object.


index (Read Only) The license index in the list.
key (Read Only) The key sequence.
type (Read Only) The license type, e.g. some products being 'Pro', 'Non-Commercial', 'Commercial'. See also app.product in App Class
status (Read Only) The numeric status code. Negative values indicate the license is not applicable to the current application. A value of zero indicates it does.
statusMessage (Read Only) A description of the status code.
version (Read Only) The numeric license version.
systemCode (Read Only) The system code associated with this license.
isEnabled (Read Only) True if the license is locally enabled (That is, it has never been disabled).
isRemotelyDisabled (Read Only) True if the license has been remotely disabled.
remoteDisableDate (Read Only) The date the license was remotely disabled, expressed as a tuple (year, month, day).
updateExpiryDate (Read Only) The date updates for this license expires, expressed as a tuple (year, month, day).



Disable this license. Use with caution!