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The LTC In CHOP reads SMPTE timecode data encoded into an audio signal. Read the overview Linear Timecode.

First bring the audio signal into CHOPs using an Audio Device In CHOP. This can then be input into the LTC In CHOP.

See also: LTC Out CHOP

PythonIcon.png ltcinCHOP_Class


Input Frame Rate - This specifies the number of complete frame messages per second the signal encodes. It is usually between 24 and 30.

User Fields - This enables channels for custom user fields which may be encoded in the audio signal.

Debug Channels - This enables the following debug channels.

  • quantized - Outputs the raw signal quantized to on and off levels.
  • bits - Outputs the above quantized signal into decoded bits. (Note: Bits are decoded from specific edge sequences, not the raw levels themselves).
  • ones_count - Outputs the total number of consecutive decoded one bits. (Note, 12 consecutive ones denotes an end of message).
  • decode_count - Outputs the total number of successful decoded frame messages.

Standard Options and Local Variables