Interpolate CHOP

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The Interpolate CHOP treats its multiple-inputs as keyframes and interpolates between them. The inputs are usually single-frame CHOP channels like those produced by a Constant CHOP. The Interpolate CHOP first sorts the input CHOPs in time (without shifting them) and interpolates between them to fill the gaps.

The number of channels in the output is the same as the number of channels in the first input.

If a channel is missing in an input, and Match By is set to Channel Name, it is treated as if there is no keyframe at that frame for that channel, and the interpolation occurs between CHOPs before and after that frame.

PythonIcon.png interpolateCHOP_Class


Shape - The shape of the interpolation curve:

  • Linear - A straight line.
  • Ease In - Exponential rise.
  • Ease Out - Exponential fall.
  • Ease In Ease Out - Half cosine blend.
  • Cubic - A cubic spline.
  • Add - Overlapping parts, if any, are added.
  • Hold Previous -

Overlap Priority - If an input is not a single frame, and if there are overlaps in the input CHOPs, an option is used to resolve the conflict.

  • Average Overlaps - Combine the conflicting channels by averaging them.
  • First Segment has Priority - Use the segment with the earliest start time.
  • Last Segment has Priority - Use the segment with the latest start time.

Match By -

  • Channel Number
  • Channel Name

Standard Options and Local Variables

There are no local variables.