Insert DAT

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The Insert DAT allows you to insert a row or column into an exiting table.

You can add strings that will be put in the new cells, space separated. If you want a cell to include spaces, in the Contents parameter put the cell contents in quotes: cell1 'cell 2' cell3. Or a list in the parameter expression: ['cell1', 'cell 2']

If the input DAT is not a table, it will be converted to a table.

PythonIcon.png insertDAT_Class


Insert insert - Specify what to insert.

  • Row - Insert a row.
  • Column - Insert a column.

at at - Specify where to insert.

  • Before First - Insert at the beginning.
  • After Last - Append to the end.
  • Index - Insert at the specified index.

Index index - Index to insert the row or column. You can use local variables $NR and $NC to append at the end of the table.

Contents contents - Entries for each cell separated by spaces. Put entries that have spaces in quotes, for example Name Species "Home Planet" will put Name in the first cell, Species in the second, and Home Planet in the third. Extra entries will be ignored.

Tscript Variables

Local Tscript variables available are:

  • $NR - number of input rows.
  • $NC - number of input columns.