File Out DAT

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The File Out DAT allows you to write out DAT contents to a .dat file or a .txt file. A .dat file is one of the File Types of TouchDesigner that is used to hold the arrays of the Table DAT.

When the File Out DAT has 0 inputs, it can be triggered to send text by using the send command.

If 'Append' is off, a new file is written every time, if 'Append' is on, the file is appended to, and the file handle remains open. PythonIcon.png fileoutDAT_Class


File /file - The filesystem path and name of the file to be written.

N /n - Using me.par.n (or $N in Tscript) in the filename (in the File parameter) in conjuction with the N parameter here gives a method of incrementing file names. The N parameter must manually be incremented each time. Exporting a Count CHOP which increments each time you want to save out a new file is an easy way to do this.

Write File /write - Press this button to write the file once.

Append (txt only) /append- appends the text into the file instead of overwriting the file contents completely.