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The File In CHOP reads in channel and audio files for use by CHOPs. The file can be read in from disk or from the web. Use http:// when specifying a URL.

Valid Formats

For a complete listing of all valid formats for CHOPs, see the File Formats section. The types of files that can be read into CHOPs include:

  • .chan - Raw ASCII channel files; a row of numbers per frame. The channels are named automatically.
  • .clip .bclip - Touch native CHOP clip files.
  • .aiff - Audio files.
  • .wav - Audio files.

Outputting Channel Files

The same files can be output from the RMB menu on the CHOP by selecting Save Data Channels.

Other Input Devices

For MIDI files (.mid or .midi), see the MIDI In CHOP.

PythonIcon.png fileinCHOP_Class


Channel File - The name of the file to load. Use http:// when specifying a URL.

Name Options - use this menu to control the names of the loaded channels.

  • Use Names In File - use the channel names stored in the file.
  • Use New Names - use the name specified in the Name parameter.
  • Use Filename - use the filename as the name for the loaded channels.

Name - used to name the channels when the Name Options parameter is set to Use New Names.

Rate Options - use this menu to adjust the sample rate of the loaded channels.

  • No Change - The sample rate is taken from the file.
  • Override - The sample rate is set to the number in the Sample Rate parameter, but the channels in the file are not resampled.
  • Resample - Resamples at the specified Sample Rate. Takes the channels and the sample rate found in the file, and resamples it to the desired sample rate. This prevents very large arrays from being used in memory unnecessarily.

Sample Rate - Samples per second, as utilized by the Rate Options parameter.

Extend Left, Extend Right - The left and right extend conditions (before/after range).

Default Value /defval - The default value for extend conditions.

Rename From - The channel pattern to rename. See Pattern Matching.

Rename To - The replacement pattern for the names. The default parameters do not rename the channels. See Pattern Matching.

Value Override Pattern - scopes channels to apply the Override Value to.

Override Value - the value given to channels scope by the Value Override Pattern parameter above.

Standard Options and Local Variables

  • $L - length
  • $S - start
  • $E - end
  • $NC - number of channels

See also File Types