Feedback CHOP

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The Feedback CHOP stores channels from the current frame to be used in a later frame, without forcing recooking back one frame. It allows you to get the state of a CHOP as it was one frame or time slice ago.

For example, if you need the position or speed of an object from a frame ago in order to compute its position, displacement or speed at the current frame, you would select a CHOP containing those values, and it will output it a frame or time slice later.

CHOPs like the Lag CHOP and Filter CHOP look back in time (iterate) internal to the CHOP, but sometimes the output of a chain of CHOPs is needed as the input of the same chain one frame later.

It allows connecting CHOPs in circular loops without Infinite Recursion errors. It simply copies its input without cooking it first.

PythonIcon.png feedbackCHOP_Class



  • Previous Channels at Previous Time - Grabs the channels at prior time.
  • Previous Channels at Current Time - Grabs channels at current time.
  • Last Sample at Current Time - Uses the last sample received.

Delta Time - Time differential during feedback. If on, it adds a 'dt' channel whose value is the elapsed time since the last cook.

Standard Options and Local Variables