Extend CHOP

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The Extend CHOP only sets the "extend conditions" of a CHOP, which determines what values you get when sampling the CHOP before or after its interval.

The Extend CHOP has separate menus to control both the pre-interval and the post-interval. For example, before the interval, you may want to hold a constant value, and after the interval you may want to cycle or repeat the curves in the interval.

To shorten or lengthen the interval (the start or end of the CHOP), use the Trim CHOP.

You can see the state of Extend Conditions in the pop-up info of any CHOP (use middle-mouse click on the CHOP).

PythonIcon.png extendCHOP_Class


Extend Left - The extend condition before the CHOP interval. They are:

  • Hold - Hold the first or last value.
  • Slope - Continue the slope before the start, or after the end of the channel.
  • Cycle - Cycle the channel repeatedly.
  • Mirror - Cycle the channel repeatedly, mirroring every other cycle.
  • Default Value - Use the constant value specified in the Default Value parameter.

Extend Right - Extend condition after the interval. Same options as Extend Left.

Default Value - The value used for the Default Value extend condition.

Standard Options and Local Variables

There are no local variables.