Delay CHOP

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The Delay CHOP delays the input. Multiple channels can be fed in to delay each separately and each channels can have a separate delay time.

Echoes can be created by chains of Delay CHOPs with Math CHOPs between, or by using the Feedback CHOP.

PythonIcon.png delayCHOP_Class


Delay - Delay in seconds, or in units determined by its Units menu.

Max Delay - Useful for optimizing performance when the Delay parameter above is changing dynamically. Set Max Delay to a value higher than the expected range of the Delay parameter.

Standard Options and Local Variables

You can apply per channel-delays using the variables $C (channel number, starting at 0), and $NC (total number of channels). For example, you can get any delay values per-channel from a one-column table using tab("delaytable", $C, 0).