Convert DAT

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The Convert DAT changes the text format from simple text to table form and vice-versa.

PythonIcon.png convertDAT_Class


How how - Convert text format.

  • To Text - Converts table format into regular text.
  • To Table - Converts regular text into table format.

Remove Blank Lines removeblank - When enabled, do not convert blank lines into empty rows.

Split Cells At delimiters - - A list of individual characters to use to split the string into cells. The delimiters are used independently. That is, if $% is used in this parameter, the cells will be split at $ OR %, not only at $%. A Substitute DAT can be used to collapse a more complex delimiter into a single character to be use for the conversion.

Concatenate With spacers - - Insert this string between each cell when converting from a table to text.