Audio Device In CHOP

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The Audio Device In CHOP receives audio from any of the attached audio input devices using DirectSound or ASIO. It always outputs time sliced audio data. If you want to record the data, use a Record CHOP.

PythonIcon.png audiodeviceinCHOP_Class

Parameters - Audio Device In Page

Active /active - Turns the audio input on or off.

Driver /driver - Select between DirectSound and ASIO drivers.

  • DirectSound - the default Windows audio driver (a.k.a. WDM).
  • ASIO - low-latency drivers which usually come from the hardware's manufacturer.

Device /device - A menu of available audio devices to receive input from. Selecting default sets the audio device to that which is selected in Windows Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio>Sound Recording.

Inputs /inputs - When Driver is set to ASIO, this parameter lets you pick which input channels to use.

Format /format - Selects mono, stereo, or multi-channel. Also determines how many channels are created 1(mono) or 2(stereo left and stereo right) etc.

Rate /rate - Audio input sample rate expressed in samples per second.

Buffer Length /bufferlength - the size of the input buffer, will effect latency. The larger the buffer the more latency is introduced.