Wireframe SOP

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The Wireframe SOP converts edges to tubes and points to spheres, creating the look of a wire frame structure in renderings. This is ideal for modelling tube structures and pipes.

PythonIcon.png wireframeSOP_Class


Group /group - If there are input groups, specifying a group name in this field will cause this SOP to act only upon the group specified. Accepts patterns, as described in Pattern Matching.

Wire Radius /radius - Radius of the individual wires used in the construction of the geometry.

Round Corners /corners - When selected, rounds the corners by placing spheres at the point locations with the same radius as the wires.

End Caps /caps - When selected, places end-caps on all wire geometry.

Remove Polygons /remove - Removes the polygons from the output geometry, leaving only the converted line structures.

Fast Wire /fast - Faster wire calculation at the expense of accuracy.

Inputs / Geometry Types

All geometry types are accepted.

Note: Results will look best if you convert your geometry to polygons. Use a Convert SOP before using this SOP.

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