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New Features in 088

  • Python is the default scripting language and integrated throughout TouchDesigner's architecture.
  • A 64-bit version is available as a separate installer.
  • New parameter interface and Parameter Modes provide more flexible workflow.
  • Unified reset and triggering parameters and interface.
  • Geometry COMP - Major instancing updates. Instances can now be defined with DATs and added support for Instance Texturing on Nvidia Kepler level cards (Geforce 600 series, Quadro K series). This allows for mapping any number of TOPs onto instances simply by providing a texture index.
  • Movie File In TOP now supports the Hap video codec and the Movie File Out TOP encodes to the Hap Q codec.
  • Update to Kinect Runtime v1.8 to support added features.
  • The Kinect CHOP supports Kinect Interaction features such as detecting 'push' and 'grip' gestures.
  • Phong MAT - New Environment Map Color parameter to multiply the color of the Environment Map.
  • Video In TOP - Native support for Blackmagic Design, Datapath, and Allied Vision devices.
  • Multi Touch In DAT now allows for a panel to be specified for touch events.
  • Audio Stream In CHOP and Audio Stream Out CHOP allow streaming of audio in and out using rtsp streaming.
  • New python methods defined for all Execute-type DATs.
  • Expression selection tooltips allow you to select a sub-section of an expression and view the result in a pop-up tip.
  • Line/Row/Column numbers for DATs.
  • Support for GLSL 3.30.
  • Support for CUDA 5.0. CUDA features required drivers 307 series or later.
  • OpenEXR file reading support.
  • Safe Mode - For editing and navigating a previously crashed .toe file.

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