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The TUIO In DAT receives and parses TUIO messages (received over network) into columns in the table. TUIO packets OSC bundles, so TUIO data can also be viewed in its more raw form in an OSC In DAT.

See also TUIO and Network Protocols.

PythonIcon.png tuioinDAT_Class

Parameters - TUIO In Page

Protocol protocol - Select which protocol to use, refer to the Network Protocols article for more information.

Network Address address - For multi-cast protocol, this is the multi-cast address to listen for.

Port port - The port which TUIO In will accept packets on.

Active active - While on, the DAT receives information sent to the network port. While Off, no updating occurs. Data sent to the port is lost.

Parameters - Received Messages Page

Callbacks DAT /callbacks - The Callbacks DAT will get callbacks for TUIO events. See tuioinDAT_Class for usage.

Execute From executeloc - Determines the location the script is run from.

  • Current Node current - The script is executed from the current node location (for example, where 'cc' points to).
  • Callbacks DAT callbacks - The script is executed from the location of the DAT specified in the Script DAT parameter.
  • Specified Operator op - The script is executed from the operator specified in the From Operator parameter below.

From Operator fromop - The operator whose state change will trigger the DAT to execute its script when Execute is set to Specified Operator. This operator is also the path that the script will be executed from if the Execute From parameter is set to Specified Operator.