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The Switch CHOP allows you to control the flow of channels through a CHOPnet. It selects one of the input CHOPs by index and copies it exactly. This is useful for selecting one of several "gestures" or actions. Only one input chop can be selected at a time.

Inputs are indexed starting at 0, so that the first input is 0, the second is 1, and so on.

If the First Input Is Index parameter is enabled, the first input is used as the "switch" and the remaining inputs will be selection choices. In this case, the second input will be indexed as 0, the third as 1, the fourth as 2, and so on (the Switch input chop is not indexed). The index value is determined by evaluating the first channel in the first input at the current frame. Only integer indices are used; fractional indices will be rounded down to the closest integer.

If the index is less than 0, then the index will be interpreted to be 0. If the index is greater than the number of input chops, the last input chop is selected.

If you wish to blend between inputs use the Cross CHOP or the Blend CHOP.

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Parameters - Switch Page

First Input Is Index - If enabled, it will use the first input CHOP's first channel to determine which input to select.

Index - The input index to use if First Input Is Index is off.

Standard Options and Local Variables