Sequence Blend SOP

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The Sequence Blend SOP allows you do 3D Metamorphosis between shapes and Interpolate point position, colors, point normals, and texture coordinates between shapes.

See also Blend SOP and Switch SOP.

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Blend Factor /blend - This value determines the blend transition between consecutive geometry inputs. Values between 0 and 1 will control the metamorphosis between geometry input 1 and 2, values between 1 and 2 will control the metamorphosis between geometry input 2 and 3, and so on.

Blend Position /dopos - If checked, only point xyz positions are blended.

Blend Color /doclr - Point Colors are blended.

Blend Normals /donml - Point normals are blended.

Blend Texture /douvw - Point texture coordinates are blended.

Blend Up /doup - When checked, the Up Vector of the geometry inputs will be blended based on the weights of the blend channels.

Inputs / Geometry Types

You can specify up to 9999 consecutive SOPs (typically File In SOPs). It is extremely important that the number of Points and Polygons in each SOP are exactly the same (check the Info of each source SOP to ensure it is so). If you need to Cusp a blended object, do it after the Blend, as it may produce a different number of primitives for input.

Uses / Works in Relation With

Generate geometry morphs between objects. The number of points between the inputs should be the same for best results but the point count between the input geometries can be different. For best results, the point or cv numbering of the input geometries should be the same in terms of position on the geometry.

Sequence Blend differs from the Blend SOP in that the former always creates a geometry blended from two inputs, while Blend can blend an arbitrary number of inputs simultaneously.

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