RealSense CHOP

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The RealSense CHOP outputs position and rotation data from Intel's RealSense camera.

See also RealSense for hardware information and installation instruction, and the RealSense TOP.

PythonIcon.png realsenseCHOP_Class

Parameters - Setup Page

Model model - Select the model of device to use, F200 or R200.

Sensor sense - Select the device to use.

Mode mode - Choose from Finger/Face or Marker Tracking.

Hands World Position handsworldpos - Output positions of the tracked hand joints in world space. Values given in meters relative to the camera.

Hands Image Position handsimagepos - Output positions of the tracked hand joints in normalized image space.

Hands Rotation handsrotation - Output the rotation values for the hand joints.

Face Landmarks World Position facelandmarksworld - Output positions of tracked facial landmarks in world space. Values given in meters relative to the camera.

Face Landmarks Image Position facelandmarksimage - Output positions of the tracked facial landmarks in normalized image space.

Face Pose facepose - Output rotation of the tracked face.

Face Expressions faceexpr - Not yet supported.

Parameters - Gestures Page

Description of the gestures can be found in the RealSense SDK documentation.

Click click - Open hand facing the camera, moves the index finger quickly toward the palm center.

Fist fist - All fingers folded into a fist. The fist can be in different orientations as long as the palm is in the general direction of the camera.

Full Pinch fullpinch - All fingers extended and touching the thumb. The pinched fingers can be anywhere between pointing directly to the screen or in profile.

Spread Fingers spreadfingers - Hand open, facing the camera.

Swipe swipe - The down/up/left/right swipes as described in the SDK documentation.

Tap tap - A hand in a natural relaxed pose is moved forward as if pressing a button.

Thumbs thumbs - Tnumbs up and thumbs down gestures.

Two Finger Pinch twofingerpinch - Hand open with thumb and index finger touching each other.

V Sign vsign - Hand closed with index finger and middle finger pointing up.

Wave wave - An open hand facing the screen. The wave can include any number of repetitions.

Parameters - Smoothing Page

Smoothing smoothing - Enable smoothing the channel data.

Smooth Type smoothtype - The type of smoothing to apple.

  • Stabilizer stabilizer - For stabilizing a point in space that represents a stationary object. Ignores small changes under a given threshold and represents close points as the same point. Motion smoothing is also applied when the new point exceeds the stabilization radius.
  • Weighted weighted - Replaces the current point with a weighted average of the last N points, according to the chosen weights.
  • Quadratic quadratic - (Time-based smoothing) Uses a quadratic equation to interpolate between the previous point and the current one. This produces both stabilization and smoothing of the motion, depending how far the new point is from the current one.
  • Spring spring - (Time-based smoothing) Uses a linear equation to interpolate between the previous point and the current one (results in a stabilization effect).

Smoothing Strength smoothstrength - Controls the amount of smoothing to apply.

Number of Weights weights - The number of weighted samples to use for weighted smoothing.