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The Palette is a collection of useful Components that you can drag-drop on to your network. It is opened/closed via the PaletteIcon.jpg icon at the top-left of the UI.

See Category:Palette for some of the individual palette components.

Palette.jpg Palette.2.jpg

Opening the Palette Browser

The Palette Browser can be accessed:

  • by selecting Dialogs -> Palette Browser from the main menu bar.
  • by clicking on the Open Palette button, found to the left of the Pane Layout options, underneath the File menu.
  • the palette tscript command allows for access via command line.

The Interface

At the top you will find a Path field and a Search button. After clicking on a Folder, the contents of it will show up in the Component section immediately below the folder section. When clicking on a Component, a preview window appears at the bottom of the interface giving you an icon preview and additional information.

Loading Palette Elements into TouchDesigner

To load a file from a palette, select the file from the browser and drag-and-drop it into any TouchDesigner Pane. In addition, the file Preview can also selected and dropped into TouchDesigner Panes. Only files supported by TouchDesigner can be drag-and-dropped successfully.

Creating a Personal Palette

The Palette browser can also load personalized Palettes. To do so:

  1. Right click anywhere in the dialog and select “New Palette”.
  2. Click on the Browse Button in the dialog window will comes up.
  3. Navigate to the Folder with the desired media and hit “Accept”.
  4. Select “Open” once the folder path is filled out in the text field.

Your new Palette will be added to the list at root level. All files inside the folder will be added to the Palette. A file called paletteData.tox will be added to the Folder on your hard drive holding the Palette's internal structure. This folder can now essentially be used as a project browser. If you previously created a Palette in the same location, the Palette will not be recreated but will be reloaded into the Palette Browser.

Adding Items to a Palette

  • To add a component to a palette, drag the container onto the folder to which you want to add the component.
  • To create a new sub-folder to a Palette
    1. Right-click in the Palette Browser at the location where you want to add the sub-folder.
    2. Select “Add Folder” from the contect menu.
    3. Type the name of your new folder in the dialog that comes up.

Removing Components or Folders from a Palette

To remove previously added components, right click on component you want to remove and select “Delete”. You will be given the option to remove the file from disk or to just delete the file from the palette. Folders can be deleted the same way but they must not have any files within them on the disk to be deleted.

Note: Items from the default Palette or that are a part of the initial creation of a personal palette can not be deleted in this way.

Updating a Palette

When adding files to a folder that contains a Palette, these files are not automatically loaded into the Palette structure. To have them included, right click on the Palette and select “Update Palette”. A dialog window comes up with the option to rebuild the palette. Rebuilding the Palette means destroying the old structure and recreating it from bottom up. In case you deleted files from the Palette before without removing them from the hard drive and wish to keep them out of the Palette, unselecting the “Rebuild” option will only add files and folders which are new to the Palette folder.

Closing a Palette

To close a Palette right click on the Palette and select “Close Palette”. This will remove the Palette from the Palette Browser. Using “Open Palette” you are able to open the Palette at any point in time when you need it again. The standard Palette “Derivative” can not be closed.

Copy-and-Pasting Components and Files

Right-click on a component or file and select “Copy” to place that file into a copy buffer. Now right-click on a different folder and select “Paste” to copy the item to the selected destination. This also works across different open Palettes. It is not possible to copy-and-paste folders.