Getting Started With TouchDesigner 088

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Getting Started with 088

To download TouchDesigner 088, go to

For a full list of what's new is 088, please read the Release Notes.

Licensing, Upgrading, Keying

Licensing Help

The Licensing Help page explains many details of creating and disabling keys and answers some frequently asked questions.

New Licenses

If you purchase a new license or already have a previously purchased license that has never been used, you can use it to create a new 088 key by using the Key Manager Dialog in 088.

Upgrading a 077 License

You can upgrade a 077 license to 088 by purchasing an Upgrade from the Derivative Store. Once you purchase the upgrade, disable your 077 key and create a new 088 key by using the Key Manager Dialog in 088.

Running 077 and 088 at the same time

TouchDesigner 077 build 18520 and later will run on either 077 or 088 keys. If you want to run TouchDesigner 088 and have 077 running on the same keys, please update 077 to build 18520+ and use keys created with the new 088 Key Manager dialog. Go to 077 Downloads to get 077 build 18520+.

TouchDesigner 077 builds prior to 18520 will only run on 077 keys. Use the Key Manager dialog in 077 to create 077 keys for those builds.

Working with 088

See Learning TouchDesigner.

Python is the default scripting language of 088. You can find all the Python documentation and reference material starting here: Category:Python.

For python, we recommend starting with Introduction to Python tutorial.

To discover Python's integration with TouchDesigner, look at the Python example .toe file available in the installation folder of TouchDesigner 088 under the Help > Python Examples or C:/Program Files/Derivative/TouchDesigner088/Samples/Python/python_examples.toe.