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The Cap SOP is used to close open areas with flat or rounded coverings. Meshes are capped by extending the mesh in either the U or V direction (e.g. a NURBS tube). Faces are capped by appending a separate face or hull cap.

PythonIcon.png capSOP_Class

Parameters - U Caps / V Caps

Preserve NURB Shape U / V - When capping a NURBS surface, use this option to preserve the original surface by clamping it at the point of capping.

First U / V Cap - Select an option from the menu:

  • No End Cap - Leave this side of the primitive unaffected.
  • End Cap Faceted - Cap by creating a face of a similar type which uses unique points.
  • End Cap Shared - Cap by creating a face of a similar type which shares points with the original primitive.
  • End Cap Rounded - Cap by creating / extending a mesh containing a number of concentric circular regions. This creates a bullet or domed shaped cap.

Divisions /divsu1 /divsu2 /divsv1 /divsv2 - Number of cross sections in the rounded cap.

Scale /scaleu1 /scaleu2 /scalev1 /scalev2 - Affects the height of the rounded cap (both positive and negative).

Last U /V Cap - Similar to First Cap U / V, but builds a cap on the other end of the primitive in the opposite direction.

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