Attribute SOP

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The Attribute SOP allows you to manually rename and delete point and primitive attributes.

PythonIcon.png attributeSOP_Class

Parameters - Point Page

Renaming Attributes - The top portion of this page deals with the renaming of attributes. Specify the name of the original incoming attribute in the first column, and the new name you want it renamed to in the second column.

Delete Attribute - At the bottom of the Point page, there is a field to specify attributes to delete. Simply enter a list of the attributes (separated by spaces) to delete. For example entering:

Cd Alpha

Pattern Matching - Deletion accepts general pattern matching when determining which attributes to delete. For example:

* = Delete all attributes
Cd = Delete the Cd attribute
Cd Alpha = Delete Cd & Alpha attributes
a* = Delete all attributes beginning with a
* ^Cd = Delete all attributes except Cd

Note: You should never delete just one of the following attributes, but always keep/delete them together. This is because TouchDesigner's capture/deform system expects these three attributes to occur together. Deleting a subset of the three will cause errors as they are interdependent: pCapt (point attribute), pCaptPath, pCaptData (detail attribute)

Parameters - Vertex / Primitive / Detail Pages

These tabbed pages are identical to the Point page except that they deal with vertex and primitive attributes of the input geometry.

Inputs / Geometry Types

Accepts geometry of all types.