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  Dec.03.13 Week48_2013


A big week with two TouchDesigner projects covered by The Creators Project: THE VOID from the collective TUNDRA (also at Fast Company and CDM), and Fractoid 2.1 a collaborative sculpture by artists Gabriel Pulecio and Michael Russek. Also: Sila Sveta reveals their BMW X5 Moscow Launch trailer, we finally get a peek at Obscura Digital's Flying on Water an Interactive Projections & Educational Exhibit for the oldest international sailing yacht match race and a new movie for the 360° immersive dome performance DROMOS surfaces reigniting all sorts of interest.

Panoramic interactive projection, 4.0 surround sound
TUNDRA Collective, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Void is an attempt to visualize the idea of emptiness where emptiness is not regarded as absence but as an initial state where anything can appear. "To see how a dark room turns into the Big Bang epicenter a visitor should become “empty”. Every move and sound, captured by sensitive equipment, stops the 360 degrees audiovisual flow around. The Void is a social experiment, to see how long today people can sustain total calmness - and it does require that participants remain completely calm to trigger the Void.

We touched base with Tundra's Bulat Sharipov who was currently on a sound and image collection venture at the biggest salt lake in the world. Bulat tells us: "The Void is our first project as the Tundra team which is a collaboration between the well-known Russian electronic band D-Pulse and Sinica visual studio. The Void was kind of an experiment to find out how we can work together.

TouchDesigner was used mostly for sketches and experiments. Our team likes its orientation on real time - it's like playing a musical instrument. In Void TouchDesigner works for effects, logic and sound,it handles Resolume and Abelton (the visuals and sound) via MIDI. We are planning to use TouchDesigner more in our upcoming project. As said, our team is a collaboration of music band and visual studio, so we are interested in creating an audiovisual synth for a live show."

Clearly, more to come!

Visuals/ programming: A. Letcius, A. Sinica, M. Udchenko
Sound/ programming: A. Kochnev, K. Suhanov, S. Perevoschikov

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Direction: Gabriel Pulecio (Lustix), Mike Russek (1028 Designs).
Sound Design: Sam Pool (SPL)

Fractoid is a kinetic, interactive, projection-mapped sculpture by artists Gabriel Pulecio and Michael Russek. TouchDesigner is both the heart and brains of Fractoid. From the conversion of data to enabling the use of sequenced frame by frame 8 bit animation to create the patterns and messages on the LED MIDI controller. How is works: A sequence of events, or combos input by the user will trigger more complex movies. That is: 12 keys trigger 12 movies, but when 4 buttons of the same color are pressed it creates a COMBO (which is a longer movie) and when the user gets all 3 combos, BAM Fractoid rotates changing into totally new form and graphic style. TouchDesigner was key at the moment of adding variation to the pre-rendered movies, composting pre-rendered videos being triggering in real-time by the users, with procedural native 3D renders from TouchDesigner as shadows, reflections maps, etc. TouchDesigner is also controlling the step motors via Arduino.

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BMW X5 Moscow Launch - Trailer
Sila Sveta's increasingly immersive polished projected experiences continue to push the envelope and our capacity to suspend disbelief.

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Interactive Projections & Educational Exhibit

Obscura creates interactive experiences that demystifies the technology and physics of sailing as they enthrall and entertain.

Barry Threw (Dir. of Software) at Obscura Digital on how TouchDesigner was used: "TouchDesigner was used for all procedural graphics, video playback, and control logic for all six sections of the Flying on Water exhibit. It allowed us to quickly develop advanced UI and effects using realtime control of 3d scenes, particles and physics. The Flying on Water exhibits used physical hardware controllers to allow the visitors to explore the features of the AC72 Catamaran and sailing concepts in a tactile way, and TouchDesigner made the communication with these Arduino-based stations easy. There is simply no way we could quickly iterate on such a rich variety of interactive experiences in a short development time using any other available software solution."

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Dromos is a Live audio visual performance created by composer Fraction and visual artist Maotik, designed for immersive environnement, developed in the satosphere, at the Société des Arts Technologiques, for Mutek festival in 2013.
Their duo is known as Les Creatures. lescreatures.org

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