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DAT input for OCIO TOP par filesource

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DAT input for OCIO TOP par filesource

Postby bwanajh » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:27 pm

I've been messing around with formatting a .3DL with TouchDesigner. Got it! I can now save out a development for set of images based on a simple custom lut!

I would really like to be able to see my custom .3DL inside the OCIO TOP in real time, without having to save a new file to windows and load it again to see the change. This would be possible if you could just plug in a DAT with a 3DL formatting instead of choosing a filesource.

(42.94 KiB) Downloaded 26 times

**Note anyone looking to deploy this technique you should try using the sister method as is it is cleaner, but understand both Just in case.

This is a useful example file that allows you to save your TOP development as a .3DL LUT. Load it as the filesource par in OCIO top (or any other image development software). Not all tops will save nice and cleanly, but basic rgb image tweaks should work. Things like emboss will not work. Things like level top will work nicely.

In this example the LUT is squeezed into the images resolution in one mode, then re stretched to it's proper size (ie Pixel tracker technique). Also see the sister network for a second example how to create a LUT without having to squeeze and stretch.

I do lots of image development in Touch and I really want to see RAW input someday! It's been a while since I have mentioned that, might as well bring that up every few months haha... Cheers!
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