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Video convertion for youtube

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Video convertion for youtube

Postby greenpattern » Fri May 19, 2017 9:03 pm

Hello, can anyone sort me out with a descent video converter?

everytime I upload video for the sake of art, its crippled by youtube recompressing it in an od way.

I tried so many time with this handbrake soft, followed countless guides on youtube.
the damn thing is not working, you are supposed to make the advanced setting appear to perfect your template, I go to tools /preference/general tick that box allow use of advanced tab for x264 option. but its not there, never. I even installed older versions without any luck.
it seems to work for most people. As usual not for me.

please help me before I loose it. Any alternatives or solutions?

I know its not really a touch designer issue but still, would be handy. thx a bunch
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