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Parameter COMP in Perform Mode

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Parameter COMP in Perform Mode

Postby why » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:25 pm

This COMP has been a blessing for putting together basic UI in a hurry without having to do much extra coding. I think it could be improved upon and make quick/basic UI assembly very efficient. My last gig, i probably spent too much time arranging and resizing UI.

Balancing resizing + readability + usability of functions is an issue. I'm thinking having a fixed font parameter can allow the user to shrink the toggle/sliders/menus/whatever and keep a decent font size.

And along the lines of resizability, having fixed sizes for width and height makes it especially hard to do this. If i could set the Parameters COMPs (or i guess Containers in general) to have a normalized size/position (instead of talking in absolute pixel space) function, this would make it a lot more flexible.

Having access to what's written on the text in the toggle parameter (currently you can only use "off/on") could be an interesting feature. For example, if i just needed to toggle between two values that didn't really represent off/on, but wanted to make the explicit without making the menu label too bloated as well.

I guess that Parameter COMP's main issue with bloat is due to the fact it stems from the actual Parameter window, so i'm not sure anything can be done about the empty space. I might be cool if a single COMP can aggregate a bunch of operators (or in my mind a bunch of Base COMPs with custom parameters, and you could scope them), but i can also understand this being against the principle of displaying OP parameters.
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Re: Parameter COMP in Perform Mode

Postby Ivan » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:22 am

All great requests!

Good news is that one feature is already there. The panel anchor system allows normalized sizes. If you change the mode to Anchor, you can set your normalized edges using the anchor pars (offset is in pixels). Also, fill mode will divide up available space (using fill weight) when there are multiple panels in fill mode.

For more complicated expressions, .width and .height are the actual pixel width and height after all automated calculations, so this can be useful if you want your width to be .09 of your parent's actual width.
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Re: Parameter COMP in Perform Mode

Postby why » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:45 pm

Ivan wrote:<anchors>

Nice! Ok i'll check out anchors. I'm interested to see how a deeply nested hierarchy and anchors will work.
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