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Creative Developer (Israel)

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Creative Developer (Israel)

Postby barakooda » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:58 am

Creative Developer ( Not Junior ) position (Israel):

Mantis Vision is looking for a passionate artist and programmer
who will join our efforts to connect Mantis’ technology to our daily life experiences.
** Competitive salary.

We’re looking for:

* Can work alone or with minimal help \ supervision.

* Strong programming skills (C \ C++ \ Python), experienced with 3D algorithms and data structures.

* Taking part in at least one online community or having a record of

actual self made projects.

* Working knowledge in real-time engines\toolkits\libraries such as:

Unreal, TouchDesigner, three.js , openFrameworks etc...

* Knowledge of 3D creation packages (Blender\Houdini\ etc).

* Ability to create basic custom shaders from scratch (in shadertoy dot com for example).

* Value teamwork and mutual help before technology \ achievements.

* You love games and participate in hackathons.

Please contact : Barak@mantis-vision.com
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