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NYC TD programmer needed. 1-2 weeks starting 12/19

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NYC TD programmer needed. 1-2 weeks starting 12/19

Postby kellyvigil » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:19 pm

Our program needs are for a permanent installation that consists of a low resolution, custom LED wall with Arduino driven sensors that communicate over OSC/UDP to switch media playback:

Does not need to code arduinos, but needs to create logic from OSC or UDP communication.

A media playback program that switches and overlays animated content based on input states from Arduino (OSC/UDP).

Responsive, low resolution LED screen with a final output of ~140x45 pixels.

Display will drive LEDs via ArtNet with Enttec Pixelator + PLink Injectors.

LED wall is not 1x1 in pixel pitch, but does have a consistent pitch of about 3.5” x 2” pixel to pixel. Some pixel mapping will be required, but not abstract variance or z axis offset.

Sensors (arduinos) will have some onboard logic to interpolate input and disregard false positives, sending states and values over UDP or OSC.

Logic will determine what media is playing, where in the frame, for how long it lasts.

Multiple layers of media playback will occur.

UI for program that includes scaled pre-visualizations with geometry instancing.

Programmer Traits:
Able to work in our office in the West Village.
Design oriented programmer.
Imperative that Programmer has knowledge of media formats, encoding, transcoding.
Collaborate with animation designers to create asset formatting for pixel mapping.
Programmer confident with all Operator types and well as python scripting.
Knowledge of multi-file media playback optimization.
Clean network layout and documentation.
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Re: NYC TD programmer needed. 1-2 weeks starting 12/19

Postby elburz » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:11 am

Sent you a private message. Look forward to chatting.
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