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Derivative is here to assist if you are considering bringing TouchDesigner to your classroom or if you are simply interested in hosting a TouchDesigner workshop. Please contact us outlining your intent: length of workshop or program (breakdown of hours/days/weeks), your area of focus (e.g. interactive design, visualization, digital environments, first steps etc.), the institution if applicable, and any other pertinent information. We will review and send you examples of curricula and lesson plans that can be used to shape and guide your course or workshop.

The TouchDesigner Wiki is the most comprehensive resource for learning about the software.

Tutorials - All TouchDesigner tutorials can be found here, including the full gallery of video tutorials. We recommend starting in the An Introduction to TouchDesigner section.

TouchDesigner Berlin Summit 2018 Videos - Video of 17 exclusive workshops and presentations

***NEW TouchDesigner Workshop MUTEK Japan Videos Recordings of 12 beginner and intermediate lessons from Derivative and the Japanese community including: Introduction to TouchDesigner, Feedback Techniques, GLSL TOP Post Effects, PBR and 3D Workflows, Instancing and Custom Parameters and Building User Interfaces. In English and Japanese.

MUTEK.jp Digi Lab Workshops in Tokyo Nov 2-3 2018 Japanese language workshops; english lecturers are interpreted to Japanese

TouchDesigner Workshop Video Programs - Tutorial videos from workshops at MUTEK, EM15, Resonate Festival, and Toronto. Good place to start > Best 088 Workshop Video

Derivative's Markus Heckmann conducts workshops all over the world and videos of these many workshops can all be found on his YouTube page.

Matthew Ragan's 2017 Yale Workshop with Video - Join Matthew Ragan from Obscura Digital for a whirlwind tour of what goes into working as a creative coder. Over the course of two full days students will learn the fundamental principles and organizational flow of working in Derivative’s TouchDesigner – for the uninitiated, TouchDesigner is a node based programming environment used in installations, live events, and museums internationally. This workshop will largely be focused on the intersection of art / design and the development of new tools for live performance. While there are a growing number of tools for media playback in live events, there are precious few for creating dynamic and generative artwork. In this workshop we will look at both how to playback traditionally made content, as well as how to build generative real-time rendered environments. More than just a flash and trash demo, this workshop aims to help familiarize students with a development environment as well as examine the challenges and opportunities when designing real-time systems.

Matthew Ragan's TouchDesigner Tutorials
- A fabulous practical look at using TouchDesigner.

***NEW Jimmz Zhang and Ruokun Chen's resource for the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong Chinese communities interested in learning TouchDesigner. http://www.touchdesigner.co/

Dr. Indae Hwang's TouchDesigner Video Excercises - Great stuff!

Blok Artwork's brilliant and short video tutorials on making minimalistic and slick animations in TouchDesigner

TouchIn NYC meetup with Elburz Sorkhabi at LiveX Learn how to create the basis of a cue/preset/state machine in TouchDesigner. Presets and cues are useful among a number of disciplines, performance types, and installation. This tutorial aims to create a simple component that will allow the management of all cues and presets from a single table using many built-in TouchDesigner components and some very basic Python scripting.

The component will allow a variably-timed tweening and crossfading between numeric data via CHOPs, while also being able to pass other values like text and string data. On top of that, learn some tricks that help abstract complex scripted scenes from incoming controls, allowing easy hand-off to external controllers like lighting desks.

Grady Sain's TouchDesigner Tutorials - A resource for technical artists that investigates a number of operators via videos with detailed transcriptions.

Jarrett Smith's 3D Techniques Tutorial
- Workflows for 3D rendering and compositing.

TouchDesigner Tips - A collection of short how-to tutorials on how to accomplish certain tasks.

TouchDesigner Concepts and Python by Jessica Palmer An easy-to-follow birds' eye view of the ideas and structure of TouchDesigner, and how Python is deeply integrated in TouchDesigner empowering both experienced and new python programmers.

Peter Walker Sexy Phong Learn all the controls of the Phong material in TouchDesigner (and it also applies to the PBR material), including multi-colorbuffer rendering.

VR Development Environment Jarrett Smith's Best Practices for VR and TouchDesigner in general.

Maotik Workflow using TouchDesigner with AbletonWatch Maotik's workflow while developing visuals alongside Ableton Live. From a Master Class at Projection Week, Norway 2016. Full of useful techniques.

Alex Czetwertynski's Videos Here are some practical workflows and techniques with TouchDesigner

Elburz Sorkhabi Sessions TouchInNYC at Live X [video 2]

Josh Michael's TouchDesigner for Absolute Beginners A glance in.

Programming For People - Learn TouchDesigner Online Development Streams

***NEW Programming For People - TouchDesigner Bullet Solver

***NEW Owen Kirby's Electronic Ape Friends: Episode 1: Creating a Monophonic Synth in TouchDesigner Episode 2: Building a Simple Drum-Machine Component in TouchDesigner Episode 3: Building a Midi Sequencer in TouchDesigner

Ramp up your skills with these online courses offered for sale from expert TouchDesigner developers:

TouchDesigner Workshop Videos by Licht Pfad Studio

TouchDesigner Tutorials by Elburz&nVoid

Scott Pagano Online Course at lynda.com Learn to create beautiful-looking imagery with an end-to-end production workflow that includes real-time 2D and 3D rendering, importing FBX assets, recording movies, controlling via an iPad and using TouchDes igner in VR (using Jarrett's Smith'sVR framework).

An Introduction to TouchDesigner by Elburz Sorkhabi is available for free download in English and Japanese (scroll to bottom of page). Project files and video tutorials also available at this link.

Multimedia Programming Using Max/MSP and TouchDesigner by Patrik Lechner.
A step-by-step guide to designing, building, and refining immersive audio-visual applications and performance environments using Max and TouchDesigner.

Big thanks to Matthew Ragan for providing us with a copy of the syllabus for his course: AME 394 Compositional and Computational Principles for Media Arts including assignment descriptions. Alongside and equally (if not more) valuable are all the videos associated with this class which can be found with documentation at Matthew's blog:

AME 394 | Compositional and Computational Principles for Media Arts

THP 494 & 598 | Generative Media for Live Performance

Python in TouchDesigner

Browse the Wiki Categories. Also explore the navigation bar on the left using the links or search field.

Operator Help pages - All the node types of TouchDesigner.

Introduction to Python - An introduction to Python scripting in TouchDesigner. Python Reference is also available for a full list of python classes.

Search documentation using the wiki advanced search page.

Offline Help - Access the wiki when you are not connected to the internet by pre-downloading the offline documentation package.

General forums - What the TouchDesigner community is talking about.

Gallery forum - What people have created with TouchDesigner.

.tox Component forum - A collection of helpful community contributed components.

.tox Component forum - Click the .tox links and see what they do.

Palette Browser - The Palette in TouchDesigner is found in the dialogs menu. Dialogs -> Palette Library

Vimeo - Videos posted by the TouchDesigner community.

Facebook - Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest TouchDesigner projects.

Twitter - Follow us on Twitter @1null1

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about TouchDesigner.

Resources - Textures, devices, movies, audio and more.


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