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Jun.13.19  Dalí Lives
In a precedent-setting museum exhibition creative agency GS&P convincingly brings Salvador Dalí back to life via a "deepfake" with the use of artificial intelligence and TouchDesig
May.6.19  099 Official Update
Read about the major highlights of the TouchDesigner 099 Spring Official Release and the astonishing list of new features and workflows now available with TouchDesigner.
May.6.19  Summit 2019
The TouchDesigner Summit 2019 will take place in Montréal this Summer from Saturday 17th to Monday 19th of August. Check this page for updates.
Apr.23.19  C:\Users\deadmau5>
Electronic music producer deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman shares experience and insights from building his CUBE V3 show from scratch with TouchDesigner and how TD became the solution f
Mar.15.19  404.zero Release Zerro
The prolific duo talk about making art, avoiding frustration and the building of Zerror, their customizable controller UI component for TouchDesigner with multi-touch/midi/osc supp
Mar.15.19  Foxconn Frequency (no.
An ingenious work of "algorithmic theatre" incorporating real-time game mechanics, piano pedagogy, 3D-printing, and the poetry of former Foxconn worker Xu Lizhi.
Jan.15.19  Winter 2019 Newsletter
Nov.26.18  AI-Driven ICE Engine
GM's 5-story permanent experiential installation at its global HQ has 17 massive LED surfaces fed by an AI-driven Interactive Content Engine prototyped and programmed with TouchDes
Oct.2.18  Portals to the Stars
We talk to artist Akiko Yamashita best known for her projection mapping and light installations about her inventive use of TouchDesigner on a broad range of projects and collaborat
Sep.14.18  Summer Newsletter
Sep.5.18  TouchDesigner at GTC
Astrophysicists at the Gran Telescopio Canarias use TouchDesigner to communicate their scientific discoveries about the universe to the public in a compelling and immersive way.
Aug.20.18  Push 1 stop
Push 1 stop talks about her great attraction to working generatively, building powerful engines, and shaping experiences that give people special powers to step outside of reality.
Jul.17.18  Créatures in the Dome
Vincent Houzé andDave & Gabe combine their fantastical GLSL particle shader systems and spatial sound to bring the immersive audio-visual experience Créatures to the Satosphere.
Jul.3.18  DEVISION VJ System
Tokyo-based VJ Kazoe Nobuaki builds the ever-evolving powerful visual show performance tool DEVISION to achieve his adrenalin-pumping, high-octane visual style.
Jun.19.18  Interactive Installati
A Kinect, LED rings, wind speed and CO2 sensors work with human breath in this interactive system where people feel their effect on an environment.
Jun.15.18  Orizuru Room
Atsushi Kobayashi, Joe Ohara and Kenta Umeda collaborate with a grand master of origami to create a whimsical installation with cranes lit by sequenced LED.
Jun.15.18  Alexia Blobs n Fluff
Paris-based visual artist Alexia Blobs n Fluff builds a Superbug Generator with TouchDesigner and an infinite collection of bioluminescent creatures emerge!
Apr.24.18  Dyebirth from nor
Asking the question "what is life" the installation 'dyebirth continually creates organic patterns through digitally controlled physical phenomena produced by a mixture of water, i
Apr.10.18  D-Brane
Harvey Moon's D-brane sees a dancer wearing a tracking device interacting with a moving, dodecahedron that is also tracked and projected-upon. It's uncanny and beautiful!
Apr.4.18  Ben Heim Composer
Ben uses TouchDesigner in combination with Ableton Live and Max/Msp to make close and intimate connections between visuals and audio.
Apr.3.18  Winter Newsletter
Mar.28.18  Go Robot. Dance
From Go Robot. an interactive motion-tracking-based dance installation made with TouchDesigner during a 3-day intensive VR jam in Amsterdam
Mar.15.18  Blok.Artwork Animates
We came upon these elegant animations in our Instagram feed, a new one every day, and began to wonder "how are you getting such clean and precise line animation?" We found out...
Mar.15.18  Beyond Cassini
Immersive art installation from Tyler Bowers and Gabriel Pulecio celebrates and humanizes the life and death of the the NASA probe Cassini and its Saturn mission.
Mar.13.18  Summit 2018 Report
Read about these 2 intensive days where a tremendous program of over 30 workshops, masterclasses and presentations were delivered by members of the community! Video recordings too!
Dec.11.17  Summit 2018 in Berlin
Announcing TouchDesigner Summit 2018 in Berlin
Nov.5.17  Summit 2018 in Berlin
Derivative is returning to Berlin for a 2 day TouchDesigner Summit on February 3rd and 4th of 2018.
Oct.17.17  VVOX Microsoft Theatre
VolvoxLabs uses TouchDesigner extensively at the Microsoft Theatre Lounge and seamlessly weaves technologies throughout to build out four remarkable engagement pieces.
Oct.3.17  Cassini Inspires ORIEN
James Cao was struck by the beauty of the Cassini spacecraft's image captures of Saturn, and so this space-inspired installation and reflection on our relationship to the universe
Sep.26.17  Alien Covenant Screens
120+ screens in Alien Covenant were simultaneously driven on-set by Soma CG's application MOTHER, made entirely in TouchDesigner.
Sep.11.17  First Japanese TD Book
Announcing the first Japanese TouchDesigner manual "Visual Thinking With TouchDesigner | The Professional's Choice for Real-time Rendering & Prototyping." Available Sep. 15, 2017
Aug.31.17  Other Robots T-Shirt
The first official build of TouchDesigner t-shirts and bags designed by Other Robots from Ghent, Belgium arrived just in time for MUTEK Montréal 2017 and we were proud and happy!
Jul.27.17  Summer Newsletter
Jul.26.17  Electro-Acrylic
An electronic-acoustic hybrid performance designed for the dome combining painting, interactive art and live sound making. The show's sound and visuals are manipulated captures fro
A dance performance where dancers tracked with a Blacktrax system results in a tightly connected interplay between choreography and reactive visuals.
Jul.6.17  150 Media Stream
Leviathan's extraordinary digital sculpture made up of 89 LED blades exhibits works by artists via an intelligent content library designed to continually transform over time.
Mar.28.17  Captured Atmospheres
NaiveLaser's interactions between light, smoke and matter is an ephemeral and yet very physical experience that posits atmosphere as instrument and had us asking "How do you make l
Mar.16.17  Tokyo Art City
An ambitious and beautifully executed art exhibition about Tokyo by NAKED Inc made up of projection mapping, illumination and large models of Tokyo's many landmarks brings the city
Feb.21.17  Day For Night 2016
Day For Night Festival in Houston played host to a spectacular array of light and kinetic art. We speak with the festival curator and and 5 artist teams who created their work with
Jan.19.17  Refactor
An autonomous generative painting factory maps the artist. Nikzad Arabshahi uses TouchDesigner to reconstruct his painting in real-time via computer renderings in a generative algo
Jan.16.17  Remote Sense + Lidar S
Remote Sense is a fulldome performance that uses Lidar point cloud data captured through laser scanners that is processed, animated & rendered realtime in TouchDesigner.
Jan.11.17  The Artistry of Ali Ph
We speak to the prolific artist about his remarkable and profoundly beautiful body of audio-visual work, the meaning he assigns to particle systems and practicing art in Iran.
Dec.6.16  Video HighLights 02
A sampling of 7 works from our talented TouchDesigner community this fall.
Oct.19.16  Deep Dream Act ll
NONE and Andrew Quinn's multimedia installation puts the human being within the data stream they themselves produce and share.
Oct.12.16  Summer Newsletter
Oct.7.16  099 Experimental Beta
Try out the new 099 Experimental Beta! Loads of new features and macOS support.
Oct.6.16  World Surfing Reserve
Visualizations of wave and surf conditions, the biosphere, weather and more are mapped onto a 3D scale model controlled with custom apps.
Oct.6.16  Wonders of Nature
20m in diameter, this replica of our planet floats suspended in the Gasometer Oberhausen as animated, high-resolution satellite images are seamlessly projected onto its surface.
Aug.30.16  Fit The Culture
A student art project that is a long-distance collaboration between teams from in Moscow and Graz, this interactive portal took visitors on a journey through 'stereotypical' cultur
Aug.18.16  Panorama NYC
Origins, Hyper Thread and Infinity: 3 very impressive interactive installations from VVOX, Dave&Gabe and Gabriel Pulecio at The Lab, Panorama NYC.
Aug.11.16  Video HighLights 01
A quick round-up featuring six diverse and spectacular new works from the TouchDesigner community this summer.
May.26.16  ThoughtForms
What would be the consequences of our most intimate feelings and memories becoming accessible by technology? From Monash U, Thoughtforms lets you visualize and print your thoughts.
May.24.16  Atolla Chandelier
This magnificent 32 feet tall fixture consists of 26 suspended LED Rings (white light LED's) with 17 strands of RGB LED pixel hanging through the LED rings.
May.1.16  Spring Newsletter
Apr.7.16  The Square Root of Sin
A showing of incredibly diverse and exciting work produced by the students of Yan Kalnberzin and Eugene Afonin's 3-month TouchDesigner workshop at MARS Center, Moscow.
Apr.5.16  Mapping The Cave
Secret Mapping Experiment maps an ancient driftstone cave with TouchDesigner and it is eerie and amazing! Many secrets but here's what we can tell!
Mar.23.16  Norway Workshop Videos
Whether you are a beginner or someone with years of experience on projects, each of these training videos has many practical gems that reflect the current best-practices for TouchD
Mar.23.16  The Future of Music 36
A ground-breaking 360° virtual experience made by director Greg Barth and Phenomena Labs that immerses the viewer in a surrealist musical space.
Dec.23.15  Fall Newsletter
Dec.14.15  Kinetic Lights System
Christopher Bauder's award-winning Kinetic Light System embeds TouchDesigner to choreographs and moves physical light elements high above one's head via steel wire and powered cabl
Sep.21.15  DELQA: Sonic Play-Spac
Brooklyn-based Dave&Gabe put visitors 'inside' Matthew Dear's music with the ability to change and affect the composition by interacting with arrangements of netting in a gallery s
Sep.1.15  Light Bearers
Maotik & Etienne Paquette's magical interactive installation simulates a glimmering firefly-filled summer night at Montreal's Insectarium.
Sep.1.15  Exhibit Item/Awakening
Recipient of 2 prestigious Golden Mask Awards this contemporary dance performance from Evgeniy Afonin strikes out in bold and innovative directions.
Jul.18.15  Summer Newsletter
Feb.25.15  Winter Newsletter
Feb.24.15  New Tool: Luminosity
Keith Lostracco's TouchDesigner Media Server Luminosity combines a high-end media server, a VJ program, and TouchDesigner and it is rad!
Feb.24.15  Vincent Houzé
From a VFX background Vincent has adopted TouchDesigner as his real time tool of choice inspiring us with all manner of dynamic simulations, shaders and rapid prototyping.
Jan.5.15  Interactive Facets
Fred Trétout beautifully designed work playfully engages and encourages imaginative expression during its 3-month install in the window of ICI ARTV's studio in Places des Arts.
Jan.5.15  dubfire:live HYBRID
Brooklyn-based VolvoxLabs team signature-style fuse art and science to produce the visual design, AV system programming and stage design for DJ Dubfire's Live HYBRID tour
Dec.2.14  TouchDesigner Book!
Elburz Sorkhabi has written a book! It is free and online with project files and video tutorials. We talk to Elburz about his incentive for creating this tremendous resource.
Nov.11.14  My Name is Nobody
Innovative visual production designed and realised by odaibe (Bartek Szlachcic), a graphic designer and electronic music producer whose interests lie in "visualizing sound with exp
Nov.11.14  Pixelux Light System
Pixelux Studio recently lit up Yves Saint Laurent's Men 2015 runway with a grid of moving light panels that operate as a kinetic system displaying graphics generated in realtime wi
Nov.11.14  TouchDesigner Book!!
Multimedia Programming using Max/MSP and TouchDesigner by Patrik Lechner. A step-by-step guide to designing, building, and refining immersive audio-visual installations using Max a
Oct.29.14  Powwow & My Whale
St. Petersburg art collective Tundra transport us to other-worldly and enchanting places... like an electrifying Powwow for peace and inside a whale's mouth to hear its song.
Oct.20.14  Escape Time
Lose all sense of orientation by stepping into Keith Lostraco's mindbending and infinitely intricate fractal world "Escape Time".
Oct.7.14  Licht.Pfad's Marathon
Licht.Pfad make 12 music videos in 3 weeks to generate an icy world for Dasha Rush's ANTARCTIC TAKT.
Sep.23.14  Representing Time
Clocks that create pictures of the past, cameras that watch the world - Matthew Ragan has been postulating on time and its representations, and in the process making beautiful abst
Sep.18.14  Yan Kalnberzin
Yan Kalnberzin discusses recent theatrical works Living Room Performance and POLINATRON and about creating video "for plastic" performances".
Sep.10.14  Summer 2014
Sep.10.14  Gravity
Framestore and Bot&Dolly's constantly-expanding use of TouchDesigner on-set for Oscar-winning Gravity.
Aug.26.14  MultimediaRenaissance
Front Pictures radically raises the stakes on high performance across the spectrum for Kiev's 1400 sq-m Art Mall.
Jul.23.14  Super Bowl XVIII
TouchDown at Super Bowl XVIII as Eye Vapor and V Squared Labs bring dome technology and massive live visuals to the festivities in Bryant Park.
Jul.23.14  Lakker's Live AV
Dublin-based Lakker use TouchDesigner to produce a MIDI reactive visual set for launch of new EP 'Containing a Thousand'.
Jul.23.14  Toronto Workshop Video
Work-along with this program of tutorial videos from our 2-day TouchDesigner workshop and learn from the experts!
Jul.23.14  Dromos & ObE at SAT
New media artist Maotik (Mathieu Le Sourd) describes his creative process in realizing full dome immersive performances at the SATosphere.
Apr.2.14  Matt Guertin
Step into Matt Guertin's epic, never-ending, Oculus Rift, Kinect, TouchDesigner 3D project.
Apr.2.14  LNLO
Monaco-based LNLO electronic art and design lab make original and very beautiful things with LEDs.
Mar.6.14  TouchDesigner at SXSW
Moment Factory's LAX Terminal, Mod Production's ACO VIRTUAL, Intro to Projection Mapping with Todd Moyer and Mat Hale and Fractoid 2.2
Feb.28.14  Week07
Todd Moyer's Illoominate at Create:Fixate and Glasspiel Creative's Interactive Bulb Slideshow Installation.
Feb.25.14  Winter Newsletter
Feb.16.14  Week06
WhiteVOID's Paper Wave for Citroën, Parkerism for Nokia Fashion Week New York, and Licht.Pfad @ Monasterio.
Jan.31.14  Week04: Matthew Bieder
We talk with Matthew about two very interesting pieces that contemplate if not challenge the experience of perception Serial Mutations (z-axis) and Physical (RTv3).
Jan.16.14  ACO VIRTUAL
Mod Productions brings audiences up-close and personal with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
Jan.14.14  Week02
maotik and Fraction's Obe at SAT, Odaibe's Solaris and Ali Phi's real-time audiovisual performance gen.er.a.trix.
Jan.13.14  Licht.Pfad
Licht.Pfad's brilliant Moving Light Performance at Arma17, Moscow, and Stanislav Glasov's evolving tools for driving light fixtures, video and sculptural things.
Jan.12.14  New Zealand Projects
Two quick prototype-to-delivery projects from Oliver Ellmers and Puck Murphy.
Dec.30.13  Week52
Projection Artwork's Nissan Leaf Installation, New Zealand-based Oliver Ellmers and Puck Murphy, Patrik Lechner's qua4
Dec.6.13  Patrik Lechner
From a central principle based on iteration and improvisation comes a beautiful non-linear, fully-generative universe.
Dec.6.13  Week49
Leviathan's Ghost Box, WhiteVOID's GRID, The M Machine and Richard De Souza shares his visulas for the Stereosonic tour.
Dec.6.13  VolvoxLabs dd OUTPOST
VolvoxLabs future of "coworking", an interpretation of a connected, configurable workspace.
Dec.3.13  Week48
Tundra's VOID, Fractoid2.1, Sila Sveta's BMW X% Launch, Obscura Digital Flying on Water and Maotik's DROMOS.
Dec.1.13  Fall Newsletter
Nov.20.13  Generative Design
88 TouchDesigner components illustrating individual design techniques from the Processing based book 'Generative Design'. Download and adapt for your own projects.
Oct.16.13  Moment Factory
Moment Factory projects put TouchDesigner to rigorous use - LAX Airport, Nine Inch Nails, Megaphone.
Oct.1.13  Bot & Dolly Box
Robotic-centered design studio with TouchDesigner performing on-set projection mapping and video playback.
Sep.15.13  Summer 2013 News
TouchDesigner 088 Public Release
Sep.4.13  Education
All things to do with learning TouchDesigner: courses and workshops and latest EM15 Workshop Videos.
Sep.4.13  Performance Interfaces
The diverse applications built by users to operate, run and perform their live shows are showcased. Personalized and ingenious tools, large and small!
Sep.4.13  Our Users Tell Us
Some of the things that our customers have reported about their experience and practice of using TouchDesigner could make us blush, but that aside, these impressions provide unique
Sep.4.13  088 Applications
Whether your interest lies in projection mapping, interactive visualization, live show control, realtime 3D, custom shaders or rapid prototyping, learn about TouchDeisgner's extens
Sep.4.13  088 Features
Introducing new 088 features as well as many improvements to existing features which will make your time spent with TouchDesigner more productive and help you realize your creative
Aug.25.13  Front Pictures
Front Pictures, a studio based in Kiev, Ukraine, have been perfecting Fulldome environments with TouchDesigner to create some very convincing immersive environments. Read about the
May.23.13  Spring 2013 News
May.22.13  Lukasz Furman
Hooked on taking data from all around him and building experiments in TouchDesigner.
May.22.13  AdCubes
Projection Advertising's pop-up video-mapping with the same control of a live show.
May.17.13  Volvox Labs
Perceptions of Consequence until June 1 in NYC, provocative work in TouchDesigner.
Apr.17.13  Resonate 2013 Videos
3+ hours of TouchDesigner workshop videos from Resonate 2013.
Mar.4.13  Winter 2013 News
Mar.4.13  Pixelux Magic Cube
Xavier Gruchet's bicycle-powered graphical monolith.
Mar.2.13  Dev Harlan - Eon Surf
a staggering cascading wall of projection-mapped polygons.
Feb.26.13  Peter Mettler
Peter Mettler and Greg Hermanovic interview on live mixing for Peter's film End of Time.
Nov.29.12  Fall 2012 News
more 088/python samples, outstanding user works
Nov.28.12  unidisplay - nicolai
a new examination of perceptual effects by carsten nicolai and markus heckman
Nov.28.12  EyeVapor + MickeyHart
EyeVapor, Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and UCSF's Adam Gazzaley on brain & music.
Aug.30.12  Thr3hold > Geography
Spanish collective Thr3hold collab with Vitor Joaquim and their approach to TouchDesigner.
Jul.19.12  Summer 2012 News
Jul.18.12  MUTEK Workshop Videos
Six hours from TouchDesigner MUTEK workshop led by Steve Mason of Obscura Digital.
Jul.17.12  Kinetisphere Google
Bod & Dolly produced Kinetisphere for Google IO launch of Nexus 6.
Jul.17.12  Arkam Live for Google
Mark Wells and Adam Jenkins' custom app for performing live at the Google I/O afterparty.
Jul.5.12  White Kanga
Matching virtual to moving physical reality, from an innovative crew in Poland.
May.16.12  Sila Sveta
Some ambitious projection mapping events from prolific the Moscow-based visual label.
May.5.12  Amon Tobin's ISAM 2.0
The making of the show visuals by VSquared Labs, touring larger now in 2012.
Mar.20.12  Spring 2012 News
Bonus for TouchDesigner 077 - DMX and Kinect. And cars, cars, cars.
Feb.3.12  Michael Snow
The creator of seminal 1966 Wavelength using TouchDesigner for Viewing of Six New Works.
Jan.4.12  Zayed Grand Mosque
Obscura Digital for the UAE National Day Celebration at the Sheikh, Zayed Grand Mosque.
Nov.1.11  Fall 2011 News
New tutorials, Ableton, TouchPlayer, Kantan Mapper and 077 goes Gold.
Oct.13.11  Facebook F8
Obscura Digital uses TouchDesigner to make Connections for Facebook F8 Developers Conference.
Oct.10.11  NABA Environment
TouchDesigner in curriculum at NABA Digital Environment Design in Milano.
Sep.28.11  Hungarian State Opera
An opera and a ballet are staged with 3D stereo-vision virtual sets for the first time.
Sep.1.11  Wright's Fallingwater
Luftwerk using TouchDesigner for Fallingwater's 75th Anniversary.
May.5.11  Richard Burns
Richard Burns and the making of the TouchDesigner video tutorials.
May.1.11  Obscura Sydney Opera
Wrapping the world's architectural modernist icons in unbelievable feats of moving images.
Mar.13.11  Dev Harlan
Turn a men's road bike into a kinetic canvas for projected crocheted patterns.
Jan.13.11  RML CineChamber
Recombinant Media Lab (RML) present CineChamber, a remarkable immersive audiovisual set-up at Transmediale Festival, Berlin.
Jan.10.11  Winter 2011 News
Dec.4.10  Plastikman Live 2010+
Dec 2010 in Tokyo, Australia March 2011.
Nov.22.10  Guggenheim YouTube
Inside and out Obscura Digital wraps the Guggenheim with a spectacle of moving images.
Nov.20.10  Halo: Reach
Autofuss using TouchDesigner to capture the imagination of millions of Halo fans.
Nov.15.10  Interview
Toronto Star writer Ben Rayner speaks with Derivative CEO Greg Hermanovic.
Nov.12.10  DJ Shadow
Ben Stokes' brilliant projections on the ShadowSphere.
Achim Kern reports on his work with q~bus Mediatektur GmbH for their client Deutsche Telekom AG
Oct.1.10  PW Labs Rockheim
PW Labs developed the interactive exhibits of the Rockheim Rock 'n Roll Museum of Norway.
Jul.5.10  CO2 Footprint Advisor
A big eye points a CO2 sensor at you, rises up and reports its findings at Roppongi Art Night.
Jul.5.10  MIT Media Lab
Never-Ending Drawing Machine is one of several MIT projects using TouchDesigner.
Jun.29.10  Born Ruffians
Rob Bairos makes a music video using TouchDesigner and a 1940's oscilloscope
Jun.25.10  Electric Daisy
V Squared Labs and TouchDesigner at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010
Jun.24.10  Summer 2010 News
May.17.10  Heineken Inspire Dome
V Squared Labs create the Heineken Inspire Dome 360 visual experience @ Coachella
May.5.10  Grentzanzer, Weimar
"YouAreWatchingUs" install scanners on stage to generate and animate a 'picture world'.
May.1.10  Plastikman Contest
Achim Kern, Bryant Place, Jeffers Egan and Peter Sistrom spill the beans.
Dec.8.09  Obscura @ Copenhagen
Obscura Digital uses TouchDesigner for Copenhagen Climate Summit cube.
Dec.5.09  Winter 2009 News
Oct.16.09  Scott Pagano
Designer Scott Pagano and Speedy J's Umfeld project at Berghain, Berlin.
Sep.19.09  Fall 2009 News
Sep.18.09  raster-noton
raster-noton + Derivative at Ars Electronica, Sonar, MUTEK 10, Transmediale, OFFF
Jun.22.09  MUTEK_10
Derivative at performances and workshop during MUTEK_10 in Montreal.
May.2.09  Latest Vimeo
Latest videos on Vimeo made by the TouchDesigner community.
Apr.25.09  SND
Mark Fell and Mat Steel's 20 TouchDesigner nodes.
Apr.30.08  Intervals
Intervals is a series of interactive video artworks by Warne/Krivel.
Apr.30.07  Noboru Tsubaki
Tsubaki's Cochineal project for Paris' Hommes et Robots exhibit - the mind of cyber-insects.
Apr.29.07  TouchDesigner Roots
pre-2006 points of interest.
Rush tour
Custom live visuals in more than 100 shows in North America and European cities.
Richie Hawtin
GX Magazine - Sounds Like Motion
Prada Japan and Herzog & de Meuron bring on Derivative for Architectural Visuals

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