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Projection Mapping

In the increasingly popular technique of mapping projector outputs to real-world objects, TouchDesigner is the tool of choice. With an integrated 3D engine to accurately model and texture real-world objects, completely configurable multiprojector output options, and one of the most powerful realtime graphics engines available, TouchDesigner is ready for the unique requirements of any projection mapping project.

Customer Projects: 

Tokyo Art City
Wonders of Nature
Mapping the Cave
Panorama NYC
Amon Tobin's ISAM 2.0

Environmental Mapping - Architectural Mapping - Augmented Reality Mapping
Interactive Visualization

TouchDesigner lets you take any concept or dataset and transform it into a visual canvas that can tell a story, express an emotion, or convey a message. Let your audience deepen their understanding and engagement through direct interaction with their experience.

Customer Projects: 

World Surfing Reserve
Light Bearers
DELQA: Sonic Play-Space
Interactive Facets
Representing Time
Moment Factory

Interactive Art Production - Conference/Event Installations - Engineering and Research
Live Show Control

Derivative was founded in the pursuit of performing visuals for live music events. As TouchDesigner has evolved, so to have its capabilities for live stage shows. From direct syncing with Ableton Live, to full MIDI and OSC support, to doubling as a lighting control desk using DMX and Art-Net, TouchDesigner has you covered for any live performance.

Customer Projects: 

Kinetic Lights
Gravity: TouchDesigner Works in Zero-G
Yan Kalnberzin: Working in Plastic
Pixels Studio’s Kinetic Wall of Light
Exhibit Item / Awakening
Licht.Pfad’s Music Video Marathon
Plastikman Live

Stage and Theatre Show Control - VJ Live Performance - Music Concerts
High Performance Video Playback

Multi-core movie decoding and GPU-accelerated compositing makes it possible playback and mix dozens of HD movies at once with TouchDesigner. A wide array of codecs are supported including Hap Q and Cineform which allows for 4K movie playback. Couple these features with advanced read-ahead technology, custom timing tools, and realtime movie exporting and you get an unparalleled high-performance video application.

Customer Projects: 

Wonders of Nature
Moment Factory
Gravity: TouchDesigner Works in Zero-G
Multimedia Renaissance
Front Pictures and the Fulldome Experience

Live-Realtime HD Video Mixing - Ultra HD Resolution (4K) Support - Video Server Capabilites
Realtime 3D and Custom Shaders

Whether you are creating a new 3D world, compositing layers of media in 3 dimensions, or are building a interactive 3D interface, all the tools for modeling, lighting, and rendering are at your fingertips. Vertex and pixel shaders are supported through GLSL which give you custom programming options for lighting, shading, deformations, and materials.

Customer Projects: 

Vincent Houzé
Escape Time
Day For Night 2016 - Phases
Dromos & OBE at the SAT
VVOX' dubfire:live HYBRID, Fusing Science & Technology

3D Engine - 3D Composting - 3D Interfaces - Import from your favourite 3D package
Rapid Prototype to Application

With an interface that encourages experimentation and iterations, quickly prototyping concepts and ideas has never been easier. Connect and share data between external devices and software more easily with TouchDesigner and quickly confirm your proof of concept. With the included toolset to create your own control panels and interface, take your design concepts right through to finished applications.

Customer Projects: 

The Future of Music
Gravity: TouchDesigner Works in Zero-G
World Surfing Reserve
Day For Night 2016
Yan Kalnberzin: Working in Plastic

Rapid Prototyping - Application Building - Input/Output to Devices and Software
Education and Learning

Flexible for many programs such as new media, theatre, 3D graphics, mathematics, audio-video production and mixed media application.

Educational licenses are now available on request.

Customer Projects: 

Fit the Culture
TouchDesigner at MIT Media Lab
Square Root of Sin

Courses - Workshops - Programs

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