Ableton Link CHOP

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The Ableton CHOP retrieves timing information from an Ableton Link supported network. For more information see:

The full support of the Ableton Live system is TDAbleton, a group of components that give you access to Ableton Songs, Tracks, Chains, Parameters and MIDI.

Ableton's Link FAQ is very helpful for issues on the Ableton end:

One common problem is that Ableton Link doesn't work with all sound drivers, including DirectX. The free application ASIO4All is an easy replacement that acts as a virtual ASIO device.

PythonIcon.png abletonlinkCHOP_Class

Parameters - Ableton page

Active active - Turns the CHOP's output on or off

Enable enable - Initializes the connection to the Ableton Link session.

Signature signature1 / signature2 - Specifies the time signature. The first number is the number of beats per measure and the second number indicates the type of note that constitutes one beat. See Time Signature - Wikipedia for additional information.

Callbacks DAT callbacks - Path to a DAT containing callbacks for each event received.

Parameters - Output page

Number of Peers - Number of peers (devices or apps) connected in the Ableton Link session.

Linked - TouchDesigner is connected to the Ableton Link network.

Waiting - Waiting to synchronize.

Synced - The CHOP is synchronized with Link.

Ramp - Outputs a 0-1 ramp each bar.

Pulse - Outputs a pulse each bar.

Sine - Outputs a sine wave each bar.

Count - Increases the count each bar.

Count+Ramp - A ramp that counts up until the bar is reset.

Bar - Output the current bar.

Beat - Output the current beat.

Sixteenths - Output the current sixteenths.

Ramp Bar - Outputs a 0-1 ramp each bar.

Ramp Beat - Outputs a 0-1 ramp each beat.

Tempo - Outputs the current tempo (also known as BPM).

Beats - Outputs the total number of beats.

Phase - Outputs the current phase in the bar.

Standard Options and Local Variables

No Local Variables