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The Text DAT lets you edit free-form, multi-line ASCII text. It is used for scripts, GLSL shaders, notes, XML and other purposes. "Free-form text" is one of the two forms of DATs (the other being tables of rows and columns of cells, each cell containing a text string as in a Table DAT).

Text can be typed into the DAT when its Viewer Active is on, or in an external text editor. The Text DAT can get its data from a file on disk or from a file on the web. Use http:// when specifying a remote text file.

See also the Execute DATs which are specialized to run their text as a script: CHOP Execute DAT runs its script when a CHOP channel changes, DAT Execute DAT when a DAT changes, Execute DAT when you start or end your TouchDesigner process or want to run a script every frame, Panel Execute DAT when a control panel changes, Parm Execute DAT when a parameter of a node changes, and OP Execute DAT when anything else about an operator changes, including creation and deletion of nodes in a component's network.

Use the Web DAT to fetch via a URL query.

PythonIcon.png textDAT_Class

Parameters - Text Page

Edit... button /edit - Clicking this opens a text editor to add/edit/delete text from the DAT.

File /file - The filesystem path and name of the file to load. Accepts .txt and .dat files.

Load on Start /loadonstart - When on, reloads the file into the DAT. Pulse to trigger reload instantly

Write on Toe Save /write - When on, saves to file when you close TouchDesigner. Pulse to save instantly.