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The Rename CHOP renames channels. Channels names from the input CHOP are matched using the From pattern, and are renamed to the corresponding name in the To pattern. Channels that do not match the From pattern are not affected.

The channel values and the channel order are not affected, only their names change.

(Note that the Constant CHOP (containing channel values of 0) added to another CHOP in a Math CHOP can also be used to rename channels.)

PythonIcon.png renameCHOP_Class


The optional second input CHOP (Name Reference) names the first CHOP's channels to be the same as the second CHOP's channels, in the order they appear. In this case, From and To are ignored.

From - The channel pattern to rename. See Pattern Matching.

To - The replacement pattern for the channel names. The channel pattern to rename. See Pattern Expansion.

Sample Naming Patterns

The From and To parameters are any channel name creation patterns like:

chan[1-9:2] or t[xyz]

The From parameter also allows matching patterns like chan* and ch?. For example:

Simple matching assuming an input of chan1 chan2 chan3:

From To Produces
chan1 chan2 chan3 tx ty tz tx ty tz
chan[1-3] t[xyz] tx ty tz
chan[1-3] tx ty tz rx tx ty tz
chan[1-2] tx ty tx ty chan3

Simple matching assuming an input of tx ty tz:

t[xyz] [XYZ]trans Xtrans Ytrans Ztrans

Change channels that start with "bob" to channels that start with "carol":

bob* carol*

Replace channels with "hand" in the middle to channels with "foot" in same place.

*hand* *foot*

Swap words in a name, where the words are separated by an _.

*_* *(1)_*(0) a_x changes to x_a

Wildcard matching, assuming an input of ch1 ch2 ch3.

ch? t? t1 t2 t3
* op:* op:ch1 op:ch2 op:ch3
*h* *han* chan1 chan2 chan3
*[1-3:2] foot[11-13:2] foot11 ch2 foot13
* chan[3,1,2] chan3 chan1 chan2

Standard Options and Local Variables

There are no local variables.