Parameter Execute DAT

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The Parameter Execute DAT runs a script when a parameter of any node changes state. There are 4 ways a parameter can trigger the script: if its value, expression, export, or enable state changes. Parameter Execute DATs are created with default python method placeholders

PythonIcon.png parameterexecuteDAT_Class


Active /active - While on, the DAT will respond to the Parameter that is referenced.

Execute From /executeloc - Determines the location the script is run from.

  • Current Node /current - The script is executed from the current node location (for example, where 'cc' points to).
  • This Node /here - The script is executed from the parent of the DAT. The DAT executes from the parent to make siblings of the DAT easy to access: DAT scripts used to execute from inside the DAT.
  • Specified Operator /op - The script is executed from the operator specified in the From Operator parameter below.

From Operator /from - This operator is also the path that the script will be executed from if the Execute From parameter is set to Specified Operator.

OP /op - Specify which operator the triggering parameter belongs to.

Parameter /parm - Specify which parameter to monitor for triggering the script.

Value Change /valuechange - The valueChange() method executes when the parameter specified changes value in any way. It is called once each frame.

Expression Change /expressionchange - The expressionChange() method executes whenever the specified parameter's expression changes. For example, changing the expression from me.time.frame to me.time.seconds will trigger the script.

Export Change /exportchange - The exportChange() method executes if the export path to the specified parameter changes. For example, if the parameter is being exported to from /chopname/chan1 and that is changed so /chopname2/chan2 is now exporting to it, then the script will be triggered.

Enable Change /enablechange - The enableChange() method executes if the specified parameter goes from being disabled to enabled.

Edit... button /edit - Clicking this opens a text editor to add/edit/delete text from the DAT.