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License Features

TouchDesigner/TouchPlayer License Comparison
Feature Non-Commercial Educational Commercial Pro
Includes all basic operators X X X X
Usable in paying projects X X
Transferable Keys (computer-to-computer) X X X
Unlimited Resolution 1280x1280 limited X X X
Unlimited DMX Out Channels (DMX Out CHOP) X X X X
Includes all Shared Memory and C++ OPs X X X
Send and receive textures to and from DirectX applications X X X
Stream Textures via RTSP using the Video Stream Out TOP X X X
Create H.264 movies (realtime via GPU) X X X
Cineform codec movie decoding X
Cineform codec movie encoding (requires Cineform license) X
NVIDIA SDI video in / out X
Sync multiple TouchDesigner processes X
Hardware frame-lock (NVIDIA Gsync / AMD S400 sync cards) X
Create Private .toe files (blocks editing and viewing of networks, but can be run from any license). X
Animation Sequencing (Clip Blender CHOPs) X
Projector calibration with 3rd party software (Vioso TOP, Scalable Display TOP) X
Bug fixes in the specific build you are using X
Pro Support (6 hours Derivative support) X
Price No Charge $300 $600 $2200

Non-Commercial licenses are for personal or educational non-paying/non-commercial use only. You may not use TouchDesigner Non-Commercial for any paid work with TouchDesigner.

Educational licenses are available to students and educational institutions. Educational has same features as a Commercial license, but are for educational non-paying/non-commercial use only. Students and school administrators must register for an Educational license and be approved by Derivative before being able to purchase the license. Register Here

If you or your organization are compensated for your work with TouchDesigner, you must have a Commercial or Pro license. Licenses are available for purchase at the Derivative Store.

Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

How do I create and install a key?

Creating a Key

KeyManagerLogin.png KeyManagerCreate.png

This section describes creating and installing a key for TouchDesigner if your computer is connected to the internet. If you do not have an internet connection on the computer, see the Offline section below.

  1. Select the Create option along the top of the Key Manager Dialog.
  2. Sign In using your Derivative username and password. Click the Sign In button.
  3. In the following dialog, it will prompt you to select the type of key to create. The number displayed beside each type indicates how many licenses are available on this account. Select the type of key you wish to create and click the Create Key button.

The key will be created and installed and you're ready to go!.

Creating a Key - Offline


This section describes creating and installing a key if the computer can not be connected to the internet.

In the case that the TouchDesigner computer can not connect to the internet, keys can be created for it on another connected device.

1. Select the Info section of the Key Manager Dialog. Take note of the Machine Name and the System Code on the computer you need to make a key for.

2. Go to and login using your Derivative username and password. Go to the [KEYS] tab.

3. Locate the license you would like to use to create a new key with. The license must not be in use on another computer (See "Disabling a Key" if the license is in use).

4. Click the Create Key button found on the license.


5. In the popup dialog, enter your computer's information. Click the Create Key button and the key will be created.


6. Copy and paste the key into the Install section of the Key Manager Dialog. Click the Install Key button and you're ready to go!

What if my computer is not connected to the internet?

If your computer is offline, you can still create a key for it by using Derivative's website on another device that is connected to the internet.

  1. Go to
  2. Login and fill out the fields using the information in the "Info" section of the Key Manager Dialog.
  3. Click Create Key when ready and the key will be sent to your email address.
  4. Copy and paste the key into the "Install" section of the Key Manager dialog.
  5. Click the Install Key button.

See also

Can I use a license on multiple computers?

A single license can only be used on one computer at a time. However you can move that license between machines an unlimited number of times. To do this you'll need to disable the key on the active computer, then generate a new one for the new computer.

How do I move a key to another computer?

To transfer your key to another computer, you must first disable the key from where it is currently installed. Once the key is disabled, it can be used to create a new key for any other computer.

Disabling a Key


The computer must be connected to the internet to disable a key. This connection is required so the key can be disabled in your Derivative account which allows you to create a new key for another computer.

  1. Select the Disable option along the top of the Key Manager Dialog.
  2. The list below shows the currently valid keys. Select the key you want to disable by clicking on it.
  3. Click the Disable Key button. If the key was successfully disabled in your account (on the Derivative servers) and locally it will be removed from the list and is now ready to use on another computer.

After disabling, use the instructions above to Create a Key.

Why is the type of key I want to create greyed-out?


NOTE: Non-Commercial keys are not available during the TouchDesigner 088 beta program.

The number of keys available for each key type are displayed in the column to the right. If there are no keys (0 keys available) available on this account, the checkbox for that key type will be disabled and greyed-out. This could mean the licenses are being used on another computer (they need to be disabled before creating a new key with the license) or there are no licenses of that type on this account.

See the section below to inspect all the licenses on your account.

Licenses can be purchased from the Derivative Store.

How do I check all the licenses on my account?

A complete list of the licenses on your account can be viewed in your member profile.

To access your member profile, go to and login. Once logged in you will see three tabs, go to the Keys tab to view all your licenses and keys.

What are the differences between license types?

See the section above License Features.

How do I purchase licenses?

Licenses and upgrades can be purchased from the Derivative Store.

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