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Joystick CHOP

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The Joystick CHOP outputs values for all 6 possible axes on any game controller (joysticks, game controllers, driving wheels, etc.), as well as up to 32 button, 2 sliders and 4 POV Hats.

It handles game controllers connected to the gameport or USB ports, including the 3D Connexion mouse. You can have several devices attached, and any number of Joystick CHOPs in a project per device.

The CHOP works on Windows systems with DirectX 7 and later installed.

Before you use the game controller on your computer, calibrate them using Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Gaming Options -> Properties.

The main two outputs, the X-axis and Y-axis are output through channels called xaxis and yaxis. The other four axes are output through channels with similar names.

The range of the values for each channel is 0 to 1. For any axis, a value 0.5 is considered "centered". A value of 0 is given if the axis doesn't exist.

For any button, a value of 0 means the button is up or doesn't exist. A value of 1 means the button is pressed.

POV Hats behave like an X and Y axis. A POV axis only has 3 values though, 0, 0.5 and 1.

PythonIcon.png joystickCHOP_Class

Parameters - Control Page

Joystick Source - This menu will list all the game controllers currently attached to the computer. The selected game controller is the one the CHOP reads data from. If the synth is saved with one joystick name, and the synth is moved to a machine with another joystick type, the CHOP will adopt the first game controller it find to replace the missing device.

X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis - The name of the channel that records the X, Y and Z-axis position of the game controller.

X Rotation, Y Rotation, Z Rotation - The names of the channels that record the X, Y and Z-rotation axis position of the game controller.

Slider 1, Slider 2 - The name of the channel that records the position of the first and second sliders on the game controller.

Button Array - The names of the channels for the buttons on the game controller. This CHOP can handle up to 32 buttons.

POV Hat Array - The names of the channels for the POV Hats. This CHOP can handle up to 4 POV Hats. The channels a POV hat is split up into are POVHatName_X and POVHatName_Y.

Axis Dead Zone - This value defines how much of the area in the center of the joystick is considered 'dead zone'. When a joystick axis is in this dead zone it is considered to be centered. This value applies to all normal axes and rotation axes. This value is a percentage that defaults to 7%.

Parameters - Channel Page

Standard Options and Local Variables

There are no local variables.