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A collection of tutorials to help you get the most out of TouchDesigner.

There are three tiers of tutorial based on your experience using TouchDesigner.
Tutorials will be marked with one of the following icons:

TutorialBeginner.png = Beginner TutorialIntermediate.png = Intermediate TutorialAdvanced.png = Advanced

An Introduction to TouchDesigner

These tutorials are aimed at users new to TouchDesigner.

First Things To Know about TouchDesigner

Beginner We recommend you get started with this tutorial first. You can read the full tutorial here and there are 3 accompanying videos below that will show you how to get around the interface and give you an overview of TouchDesigner concepts.

Tutorial.jpg Tutorial.jpg Tutorial.jpg

Interface Navigation

Beginner Shows you how to get around the interface and find all the tools at your disposal.


Operators Overview

Beginner A brief introduction to the different operator families in TouchDesigner.


Task Oriented Tutorials

These tutorials teach TouchDesigner concepts by accomplishing certain project-based tasks. They are intended for beginners.

Introduction to TOPs

Beginner Shows you how import movies and images into TOPs and then filter and manipulate those images. This is followed by creating ramps and an introduction to compositing in TOPs.


Introduction to CHOPs

Beginner Shows how to use CHOP channels to control the parameters of a TOP composite in real-time. This is followed by adding a control panel button to interact with the project.


Introduction to SOPs

Beginner Shows how to create geometry with SOPs and an overview of how to render a scene by working with cameras, lights, and materials.


Introduction to DATs

Beginner Discusses using text and tables (spreadsheets) in DATs and some of the common operations associated with working with this data.


Using The Web DAT and XML DAT

Beginner Shows how to access data on the internet using the Web DAT and parse it using the XML DAT. Then images from the web are loaded into TouchDesigner using that information.


The Animation Editor

Beginner A brief introduction to the Animation Editor and keyframe animation in TouchDesigner.


Audio CHOPs

Beginner Shows how to use CHOPs for input, output, and filtering of audio. The audio information is then mapped onto geometry to visualize the audio waveform.


...In About 5 Minutes

This series of tutorials show you how to make something in TouchDesigner in about 5 minutes!

Beginner The first 3 videos are a sequence of "smiley face" tutorials. In Part 1 you will create a warping smiley face, in Part 2 you will add animation using OSC and an iPhone/iPod, and in Part 3 learn how to use geometry instancing on the GPU to make an army of smiley faces!

Tutorial.jpg Tutorial.jpg Tutorial.jpg

Beginner The next 2 videos focus on working with imported geometry. In Part 4 the mask geometry is imported and a material and texture are applied, in Part 5 3D lighting is used to add augmented reality effects to the mask projection.

Tutorial.jpg Tutorial.jpg

TouchDesigner Tips

TouchTips are short articles that describe how to accomplish common tasks in TouchDesigner.

Legacy TouchDesigner Tutorials

These tutorials were done in earlier editions of TouchDesigner069. While many changes have been made to the user interface, the concepts and techniques in these tutorials are still applicable.

Building Control Panels

Migrating from TouchDesigner 017