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Welcome to our Fall 2011 newsletter. The big announcements are our new tutorial videos and the TouchDesigner 077 FINAL Release which brings exciting new features to the most robust and mature version of the software yet.

It is with satisfaction that we declare 077 'Gold' after 3 years of development and nurturing. It's given us occasion to review what it has taken to get here and to consider what makes TouchDesigner so empowering. Most importantly, we recognize how you - the TouchDesigner community - have played a leading role in determining where we are now (and where we are headed). Creating such a product has always been our passion, but the real thrill for us has been watching the community grow and discovering the fascinating projects you produce with it!


A comprehensive collection of video tutorials is now available to help you make the best use of TouchDesigner's rich feature set. We have designed and produced this program of videos aimed at newcomers to advance and grow our TouchDesigner community. We have also moved all TouchDesigner Tutorials to one place in our wiki to make it easier to find everything. Wiki Tutorial page


The Sync Environment is a live performance and animation system for artists and musicians to build and perform live, interactive audio-visual works. It simplifies the passing of loop, controller, MIDI notes and timing data between Ableton Live and TouchDesigner. This provides an optimized framework to support collaboration with Ableton Live musicians and the development of dynamic, immersive, audio visual shows.


TouchPlayer is a free player for TouchDesigner files that eases the sharing and distribution of your work without the need for your friends to install and license TouchDesigner. TouchPlayer is available as a stand-alone keyless installer, and is also included with every installation of TouchDesigner.


Kantan Mapper (kantan - Japanese for easy, simple) is a mapping and masking tool for TouchDesigner that simplifies the painstaking task of building masks and assigning and shaping video to each mask. Kantan Mapper allows you to mask and map many surfaces either directly through a projector’s output or by using a static background image.


TouchDesigner Pro can now deliver broadcast quality signal in common SD/HD SDI formats. A new group of HD-SDI operators use NVIDIA’s HD-SDI capture card and output cards to connect directly to broadcast studio equipment.


TouchDesigner Pro now decodes Cineform codec video files. Cineform ( is designed to provide the highest quality HD footage possible and is high performance enough to handle 4K by 4K resolutions in realtime.

Three years ago Derivative ushered in the next-generation of TouchDesigner with the first alpha release of 077. During that time many new capabilities were introduced and TouchDesigner has grown into the most complete realtime visualization software available in the market today.

TouchDesigner 077 is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime projects and rich user experiences. Whether you're creating live music visuals, interactive media systems, architectural projections, or simply rapid-prototyping your latest creative impulse, TouchDesigner provides you with an exploratory, visual, and fun way to work.

Limitless Flexibility, Dynamic Workflow From the simplest prototype to the most complex application, TouchDesigner has proven its flexibility and scalability in production. Using our procedural approach to building systems, any component of your work can be modified, modularized, mutated, replicated, or shared. Media and data anywhere in a project can be freely inspected and modified in a non-destructively, allowing for experimentation and rapid prototyping that is not attainable in other environments. TouchDesigner’s node-based architecture makes systems easy to scale and has been production-proven to provide stability for critical, live applications.

Have Fun, Work Visually For educators teaching the fundamentals of computer graphics and art production, TouchDesigner is a visual programming language that handles media and data with less programming and more visible feedback. It’s also more fun to use: You can see your data flowing through networks and viewers, and you are authoring your application WHILE you are performing it. TouchDesigner's interactive node viewers provide a cutting-edge environment that offers students and professionals a new approach to visual thinking.

Power and Performance TouchDesigner's GPU-accelerated compositing engine (TOPs) processes a mind-boggling amount of high-definition imagery. Coupled with the right hardware, TouchDesigner can composite multiple layers of HD video while maintaining 60 frames per second, and it can handle 4K video using the new Cineform codec support! Output can be routed to multiple monitors and projectors providing flexibility for any installation. The GPU is also leveraged to encode H.264 movies on the fly. For further customization, GLSL provides the latest shader technology, with GPU deformations, shadows, multi-pass rendering, and various treatments of transparency.

Universal Communication For interoperability with other devices and software, TouchDesigner’s communication protocols include OSC, UDP, TCP/IP, Serial, Arduino, MIDI, DirectShow video, plus special interfaces for Ableton Live and TouchOSC. Customized communication with other software and hardware can be extended through user-written Shared Memory and C++ operators.

Create Applications For the application developer, TouchDesigner gives you a rich environment to prototype and refine your own application. You can build interfaces which can be both conventional 2D panels and interactive 3D-rendered scenes. A variety of inputs can be used, from gamepads and Kinect to mobile and multi-touch devices. Now with TouchPlayer, you can easily share your project and let others run your finished applications on their computers.

For more release details and samples of users' work, please visit our TouchDesigner 077 Release page.

Oct.10.11 FACEBOOK at F8

Obscura Digital uses TouchDesigner to create a physical, social, augmented reality experience dubbed "Connections" at F8, Facebook's developer's conference.

Sep.24.11 OPERA GOES 3D

For the first time ever, an opera and a ballet performance using 3D stereo-vision virtual sets were staged at the Hungarian State Opera in September. Andrew Quinn uses TouchDesigner to develop the 3D technology employed.


Our friends at V Squared Labs and Leviathan blow audiences away with visuals produced for Amon Tobin’s ISAM show using a custom application made in TouchDesigner that runs the show visuals end to end.

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