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  Dec.06.16 TouchDesigner Community Highlights Fall 2016


A sampling of some of the vast output from our talented TouchDesigner community this autumn. Featured here: Light Notes' Vodafone: Interactive TouchBoard, Mart Mai's ///, Ultravioletto's Immersioni, Modular from Vincent Houze and team, Patrik Lechner's du schimmelst ja, Anton Grabovskiy's TouchDesigner Shop and Indae Hwang's Rectangular Shapes and Particles. Such range, so inspired - enjoy!

Light Notes | Vodafone: Interactive TouchBoard

Light Notes | Vodafone: Interactive TouchBoard

We wanted to explain all the steps in the new service Vodafone ONE, so we presented a 6 meter wood wall with some tactile spots, to animate the design and show the new features. People can play with the new Vodafone features and discover in this interactive experience all they need to know. 

We developed specific application in TouchDesigner to run 20 tactile spots over 4 HD projectors. Using TouchDesigner made it easy to control all the sensor and make the connection with 4 outputs. I was also able to create an interface so that anyone can setup the installation without knowing how to use TouchDesigner. The installation uses capacitive sensors so it’s as if all the pads are negative and humans are  positive so that when anybody touches one of the tactile spots the data is sent to start a new video and/or interaction.

See Light Notes Interactive Design for more photos and projects.

#interactive #sensor #touchboard #mapping #touchdesigner #projection #vodafone

/// | Mart Mai (Dmitry Kornienko)

/// | Mart Mai (Dmitry Kornienko)

Using the Threshold TOP and Trace SOP this sequence is created from a real-time stream of Goggle Earth Images into TouchDesigner.

Dmitry Kornienko is an artist and industrial designer based in Moscow, Russia.

I'm extremely interested in generative graphics and experimenting in the field of computation design. The inspiration first came from discovering the minimalist aesthetics of Carsten Nicolai's audio-visual works, after which I introduced myself to TouchDesigner. I'm using this software as one of the main tools in creating realtime graphics and working with images and geometry. All the basic tools in TouchDesigner allow me to create algorithms; in addition to that, I do coding in Python. At the moment I'm set on getting the skills of working with OpenGL under my belt and proceeding to programming GLSL shaders.

#touchdesigner #googleearth #realtime #graphics

Ultravioletto | Immersioni

Immersioni - Interactive Immersive Projection Room - Venice Film Festival 2016

“Immersioni” is an interactive installation presented at the Italian Pavilion for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. An interactive experience that offers the visitors an original visual experience in which water becomes an aesthetic element, throughout Italian cinema and our past memories. A virtual gallery in which visitors can interact, moving the images projected on the walls in harmony with a digital water landscape. An immersive experience that invites the visitor to mix years, genres, faces and stories in a continuum that runs in front of their eyes, evoking emotions and memories, involving them on a sensory experience.

TouchDesigner was the main controller of all the installation. The interaction with the cylinder that modifies the projections was made with a homemade rotary encoder, controlled by an Arduino and sent to TouchDesigner. The whole system was design to combine two video sources mixed together via Spout. In TouchDesigner we programmed the engine to translate the signals coming from the encoder to move the virtual room in our setup. The water physics engine was made with the very solid physics library “liquid fun” from Google. The final look and feel was very smooth and catchy. The liquid physics simulation combined with the pictures create together a very oniric environment with the need to stir real water. The final touches to fit the projections into the space was very easy using TouchDesigner's Stoner to do the mapping.

Ultravioletto on Facebook

#touchdesigner #realtime @#generative #diffusion

Modular | Vincent Houze

Modular | Vincent Houzé

MODULAR is a multi-sensory installation and performance where projections, music and dance interact with each other in real-time. It was premiered at the Vazquez gallery in Brooklyn.

Vincent Houzé designed a custom particle system using the C++ CHOP, which allowed full flexibility on the swarm behavior, and TouchDesigner was also used for the tracking of the dancer through the Kinect CHOP and a custom Python rig, as well as for previz and projections' setup and blending.

Credits :
Creative direction and production : Jasmin Jodry
TouchDesigner Artist : Vincent Houzé
Musical compostion : Genji Siraisi
Choreography and Dance: Wynn Holmes
Spatial sound : Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti

More about Vincent Houzé here on the Derivative blog.

#audiovisual #realtime #interactive #kinect #particlesystem #touchdesigner

Patrik Lechner | du schimmelst ja

Patrik Lechner | du schimmelst ja

It was my first serious experiment with TouchDesigner 099 and obviously I was really interested in the PBR possibilities. It was really exiting to play with that and really motivating to get such beautifully shaded, seemingly tangible geometries so easily.

In this case, the audio material existed before the video (quite often I build something in TouchDesigner that waits for being used by a track). I made this track, 'du schimmelst ja' (this is German. It's a bit hard to translate but it is a somewhat surprised way of saying "you have started going mouldy".) I quite liked it and thought it would be time to do a video again, after doing many live shows recently, which where not really recorded also.

Also it was stimulating to work with this track since it has a more interesting structure than just a layering of different elements, all joining in one by one, so I tried to depict that in a way. Moreover I felt that the mixture of distorted and clean elements in the sound were exciting to visualize, especially with 099 since the PBR adds some 'cleanness' or realism, and distorting homogenous clean images is always fun!

#experimental #generative #idm #animation #touchdesigner

Anton Grabovskiy | TouchDesigner Shop

Anton Grabovskiy | TouchDesigner Shop

This simple graphic editor was made in Touchdesigner as "an exercise and for fun" but we think it's really far out!.

Anton is a visual effects artist and TD working in Russian animation film. His main instrument is Houdini and he loves proceduralism, generative art and TouchDesigner. He claims to have only "a small experience in TouchDesigner" and is currently taking a 3-month TouchDesigner workshop with Yan Kalnberzin and Eugene Afonin of Curiosity Media Lab. It is in fact Yan and Eugene’s faces that are painted in the video."TouchDesigner Shop is the greatly entertaining homework, made with excessive zeal :)". Anton tells us.

Now, about the patch. It's based on the GLSL shader, which interpolates coordinates of cursor between the current and previous frame. In this way it was possible to draw a continuous line. Storing images is due to the Feedback node. Layers are inside containers cloning from Replicator. The active container is placed on the top layer and the drawing process occurs there only. A final image is collected in a separate container, which the user sees. But in general - just a lot of CHOPs.

#workshop #homework #touchdesingner #photoshop #procedural #glsl #replicator #chops

Indae Hwang | Rectangular Shapes and Particles

Indae Hwang | Rectangular Shapes and Particles (notes and download .toe file)

Dr. Indae Hwang is a professor at Monash University, Art Design & Architecture where he teaches two courses with TouchDesigner. We wrote about one of Indae's projects Thoughtforms: Visualize and 3D Print Your Thoughts earlier this year.

Indae also has a website where he posts short, diverse TouchDesigner examples like the one above along with their respective .toe files so that his students or anyone else can work through and ramp up their skills. It's a fantastic resource that we highly recommend to anyone learning the software or just to peruse for fun.

#touchdesigner #particles #tutorial #chops




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