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  Aug.10.16 TouchDesigner Community Highlights Summer 2016


A quick round-up of diverse and spectacular new work from the TouchDesigner community this summer. Featured here: Obscura Digital's Salesforce Video Wall, Reaction-Diffusion from Nobutaka Kitahara, My Whale (inner revision),TUNDRA, Ericeira - World Surfing Reserve from Experimentadesign, Fit the Culture from joint student team MOSGRA from British Higher School of Design in Moscow and FH Joanneum in Graz; and Behind Closed Eyes from Peter Walker. Enjoy!

Obscura Digital | Salesforce Video Wall

Obscura Digital | Salesforce Video Wall

Salesforce approached Obscura with the opportunity to create imaginative media for the 107’ long LED video wall in the lobby of their flagship San Francisco office. Our creative teams worked closely together to envision and produce work that transforms a passageway into a mesmerizing hyperreal environment. From capturing California’s Redwood National Forest in stunning 12K resolution, to a designing a convincing CG waterwall and more – we held nothing back in striving to impart a sense of wonder to everyone that enters the building.

#touchdesigner #ledwall #salesforce #architectural

Nobutaka Kitahara | Reaction-Diffusion


Nice to see Nobutaka Kitahara's beautiful abstract meanderings selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick! Reaction-Diffusion is a program of complete real-time generation that reacts to sound in TouchDesigner.
Music: Sk'p - Astravel

#touchdesigner #realtime @#generative #diffusion

TUNDRA | My Whale (inner revision)

TUNDRA | My Whale (inner revision)

interactive hexagonal installation.
D MUSEUM, Seoul, 2016

Reimagined and bigger scale version of interactive hexagonal installation “MyWhale” which was originally produced as a site-specific interactive installation by Tundra for “Brusov”, a renovated ship, laid up on Moscow river and turned into an art-cluster.

Watch the original version here and see more images on Behance

The inner revision of MyWhale was specially made for “9 Lights in 9 Rooms” exhibition at D MUSEUM (Seoul, Korea) and was visited by more than 200.000 visitors during the period of exhibition

Read more about TUNDRA on the Derivative blog

#tundra #seoul #mywhale #audiovisual #mapping #installation #touchdesigner


Experimentadesign | Ericeira - World Surfing Reserve

Experimentadesign | Ericeira - World Surfing Reserve

An innovative interpretation centre is developed by experimentadesign and ALTA_International Creative Alliance for the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve. Its main objective is to present and explain the reserve and its main attributes: the 7 waves and their characteristics, the biosphere, the meteorological composition, the flora and fauna and the facilities. 

The detailed visualisation of data about the natural characteristics and surf conditions of the area is made possible by the close interweaving of design and technology. Via an innovative interactive video-mapping system combined with customized apps the visitors can explore this information in an accessible way. This is a milestone in terms of the transmission of complex geographical, meteorological and oceanographic data in surf reserves.

Remarkable TouchDesigner work was handled by Rui Gato and David Negrão. Article coming soon!


Team MOSGRA | Fit the Culture

Fit the Culture

"Fit the Culture" is an interactive portal between Russian and Austrian culture created by a joint student team MOSGRA from British Higher School of Design in Moscow and FH Joanneum in Graz.

The installation aired on the 17th of May, inviting visitors to hop on a journey through stereotypical cultural environments.

Visitors are dared to look beyond the cliches of unfamiliar cultures and find an emotional connection in the most over-played touristy images.

The project is developed by the team MOSGRA:
BHSAD Moscow: Interactive Design Course
FH Joanneum Graz

#touchdesigner #interactivedesign #installation #promotion

Peter Walker | Behind Closed Eyes

Peter Walker | Behind Closed Eyes

Last week I had a little time to explore some concepts similar to reaction diffusion. The exploration often yielded some wonderful feedback patterns that to me are reminiscent of the visual stimuli I used to experience more frequently as a child when closing my eyes. This particular extrapolation brings about beautiful coral like structures, and with tweaking can invoke many wonderful forms, almost always psychedelic nature.

Many thanks to Entagma (vimeo.com/170073061) who's recent reaction diffusion video bychance appeared in my feed on Monday, and gave me the idea to build this using Blur, Edge Detection and Feedback TOPs in TouchDesigner. The seeds are provided by low dimensional Perlin Noise, which has been one of my most valuable allies in creating generative scenes over the years. Tutorial and source coming soon. Music: John 00 Fleming - Altered senses.

#touchdesigner #diffusion #generative #perlinnoise #psychedelic #nature



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